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Home Alarm System S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Classic Kit
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Home Alarm System S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Classic Kit
SKU: S6-Titan-3G/4G-WiFi-Classic-Kit
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The S6 Titan Classic Kit includes a few accessories to help get you started with protecting your home or small office. This system uses 3G/4G cellular technology to place calls and send text messages. Additionally, the system can connect to your existing WiFi and Internet connection, and use the free mobile app for iPhone or Android to connect the system to your WiFi. Using the app over WiFi does not use any minutes on the SIM card, and the WiFi and the SIM card (both optional) can be used to back each other up. The S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Security System also supports a land line phone connection.

  • Power: Micro-USB 5V, 1A Internal battery backup
  • 433 MHz wireless frequency
  • ~150 ft. wireless range
  • GSM SIM card slot (850MHz / 1900MHz)
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • WiFi capable
  • Free Mobile App for iOS / Android
  • Fortress SIM card included
  • Land line capable
  • Compatible with Contact ID (CID) central monitoring
  • Built-in siren and voice responses
  • Custom zone names and accessory names

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Home Alarm System S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Classic Kit Description

  • 1 x S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Main Panel

  • 2 x Standard Motion Detector

  • 5 x Door / Window Contact Sensor

  • 2 x Remote Key Fob

  • 1 x Plug-In Strobe Siren

  • 1 x Panic Button

  • 2 x RFID Key Tag

  • 1 x Micro-USB Power Supply

The S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Classic Kit includes a nice assortment of accessories like motion detectors, contact sensors, and more to provide comprehensive protection for your home or small office. With a built in siren and a remote wireless siren with adjustable volume, you can be sure that anyone that happens to intrude is given plenty of reasons to get out quickly. Activate the pre-installed SIM card to place calls and notify you of a triggered alarm, or to use the Application for control. This system uses cellular technology to place calls and send text messages.

Additionally, the system can connect to your existing WiFi and Internet connection, and use the free mobile app for iPhone or Android to connect the system to your WiFi. Using the app over WiFi does not use any minutes on the SIM card, and the WiFi and the SIM card (both optional) can be used to back each other up. The S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Security System also supports a land line phone connection.

Check out all of these amazing new features of the S6 Titan!

  • Over-the-air firmware updates
    Unlike our previous security systems, the S6 Titan firmware in the main panel can be updated remotely by our manufacturers. What this means for you is that if an issue arises, there's a good chance we can fix the problem on the fly - you won't even need to replace your panel! Of course, we still have our 3-year hardware warranty in place, as well!

  • QR codes for easily adding accessories
    The process for adding an accessory to the system just got even easier! Use the free mobile app on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the accessory, then specify the settings you want for that accessory, and give it a name!

  • New and improved "My Fortress" mobile app
    We've designed a completley new mobile app! We think you'll be as happy with the improvements as we are!

  • Email notifications
    The S6 Titan Security System is able to send email alerts using a WiFi connection, or even using mobile data on a Fortress SIM card.

  • Call filtering
    The S6 Titan System only accepts calls from phone numbers that have already been programmed into its Contacts List - no more annoying spam callers and telemarketers interrupting your security system!

  • Custom names for zones
    Another new feature is the ability to create custom zones and give those zones names. When the alarm is triggered, it will indicate both the zone and the name of the sensor that was triggered.

  • Each accessory has its own settings
    You can now mix and match lots of different kinds of sensors in a single zone. Each accessory has its own individual settings that don't affect the other accessories in that zone.

  • Improved "Ready To Arm" feature
    Ready To Arm still alerts you, but now it doesn't prevent the arming of the system - so if your door is open and you're away from home, you can still arm the system successfully! In addition, each contact sensor can now have Ready To Arm enabled or disabled individually!

  • Improved Central Monitoring (Contact ID / CID)
    The S6 Titan has been tested with more monitoring companies than our previous systems, and customers who are looking to use a system with central monitoring will find it easy to find a compatible monitoring company that works with the S6 Titan main panel. The best part is that Fortress Security Store plans to announce our own central monitoring service in the near future, as well!

  • US-based server with updated infrastructure
    We've moved our push notification server to a US-based cloud server, and we've made other improvements to our backend infrastructure that will make the system quick and responsive for all our customers!

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Great System
Review by TC

I have an older Model of Fortress Security System for over 4 years, and never had a single problem with it, not until lightning storm damage my landline and ethernet modem. so I purchased the newer model S6 Titan 3G/4G model. It was simple to setup. In the beginning, I had a defective console that went off periodically. their technical support was excellent, they took care of my problem instantly. I am very happy with this new system now, its been over a few month already and is working great.

5.0- Review
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Great option to consider for your Home Security System.
Review by Silent Prepper

Hello Everyone… This is my honest review of the Fortress S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Security system. First a little background… I have been using alarm systems for many years. Over the years I’ve gone from the types a professional come in and installs the equipment to the DIY type like this one. This is my second DIY. What I love – The system came pre-configured with all of the sensors already added. This saves a lot of time… The panel is fairly intuitive with menus that you can navigate easily through all the options. You can add the Wifi information, and once you do that then move to the phone app in your smartphone… You can then configure and custom name each of the zones. Instead of zone 1 you can change it to Front Door Entrance. Master Bedroom Window, Office Motion sensor. You can add a delay to trigger the alarm to an entrance (my recommendation is that you only do this to one of your main entrance), change the alarmed when at home, etc. Everything is pretty customizable. I added our contact info connected the alarm to a wired landline and now it calls me. Also, you can add activate the SIM card and enjoy cellular connection. I added the RFID panel just to make it easier on us entering and exiting the house. I will explain more on this… My prior system had a 2 parts complete system. The panel (brain) and the control panel used to arm and disarm. What I think is that if you place your system in the entrance of your home someone can just disable the system easier. It would be much better if the Fortress system would do this also in two parts… brains and access panel to arm and disarm. You can then place the brain in a more “secured” area and then provide your family access to the control panel. This is why I added the RFID panel. I works great but it took a while to figure out how to configure the panel. Now Overall the alarm panel is a great buy and is much easier than my prior DSC Alexor wireless system but here are a few things that I hope Fortress is reading and can consider… Some are more important than others… 1) Two part system – Control Panel Main and Access keypad. – I said already why. But is more secured. 2) When adding sensors have one option for Windows. – After you enter your Zone, Name then is Type.. DOOR, and other options… ADD WINDOW. 3) Allow to configure the RFID from Phone app or read the RFID Keys from the Main Panel. Adding keys is not as easy… And your documentation lacks this info. With the Alexor I got a reference card that contained all of the programing options. Making it easier. Don’t get me wrong, I take this panel over the DSC but their documentation is better. The videos help but finding the videos was also a challenge. 4) CHIME – Have an option of VOICE or just a true chime. Let me tell you after listening to the Chime voice for a few days DRIVES ME NUTS!!! and I get an urge to disable chime… Alexor had only the chime (noise) and it was not annoying. This one is! 5) Remotes – They are so sensitive that these are useless. If I have the remote in my pockets with my keys there is a very good chance that the alarm will arm. It has happened to me so many times with SOS, ARM, DISARM, ETC that I opted for removing the remote from my key ring. Since I added the RFID Panel is much better to arm and disarm the alarm. Plus, with the RFID KEY I don’t even have to put a password!!! That’s convenient… Plus I know who is disarming the alarm when they are coming in. 6) FORTRESS LOGO in every sensor – WHY??? Come one… by window frames are white. The other sensors where white and you did not even notice them. These come with advertising on each of the door sensors and windows. Not esthetically pleasing… OH!!! Plus, the double-sided tape used in these is not the best. I had a couple come off. I’ve had a lot of FALSE positive with this system with the REMOTE that I no longer using, sensors coming off the door and alarming the panel, getting called by the alarm panel while we are having dinner at a restaurant but since we have cameras, we can check… We got home and the sensor was in the floor. This is a great system, very happy with the purchase. I would love to see this system become a standard in DIY Home security like RING, etc. But you need to come up on these things… I don’t think this is a starter system. I think this is a serious home security loaded with options and affordable. I have not called the monitoring station yet to switch because I am trying to work all the kinks on this system… Being able to control the alarm from my phone is a huge plus, land line, wifi and cell is also a great addition. With the DSC I paid for each of those options separately. So having all that from the beginning is a huge plus.

5.0- Review
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Great Product at a Great Price
Review by Art from TAVARES, FL

Was in the market for a security system that did not require a monthly fee or contract. The S03 Fortress proved to meet my need and went beyond expectations. System has advanced RFID technology and can be connected via cell monitoring at a low price if I decide to do it later. Setup was easy and supported by English speaking, American support personnel. Could not be more pleased.

5.0- Review
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Best and most affordable DIY wireless security on the market.
Review by Ike

My last security system was affordable and did the job, but when it began "out dated" I researched the replacement. Hands down I just could not find a better and more affordable system than my new Fortress Security S6 Titan. It does everything that I want and more. Standing "O" for the design and features of this system

5.0- Review
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Amazingly EASY
Review by New S6 Titan Owner

I was on the fence with a system from Simplisafe. However, after researching and reading MANY reviews I felt it was best to go with another system. The ability to self-monitor without ANY monthly costs along with higher rated customer service reviews is what made me choose Fortress. The product looks modern, was 100% pre-programmed, the phone APP is an absolute breeze to use. I certainly hope this thing lasts... I do not believe there is anything else out there in the price range that can compare. As mentioned from the previous reviewer the documentation is really in disarray. There are no steps to follow right out of the box. If you read the owners manual it discusses testing the sensors before even turning on the main system, then skips right to programming phone numbers immediately after finding a suitable mounting point. Nonetheless it was very easy to figure out without any directions at all. The sensor range is fantastic - i have several doors monitored on an outbuilding well in excess of the 150' advertised range and they work flawlessly. the menus on the phone app are very easy to navigate, clean and uncluttered. During my testing I found the alerts via email, SMS text and voice were almost instantaneously received. Im very satisfied with the installation and operation so far. I held off purchasing other sensors that I would like to have until I was comfortable with the system overall. Therefore I plan to purchase water and smoke detectors immediately! Thank you Fortress for a fantastic Alarm/Monitoring system with REASONABLE pricing with absolutely NO requirement for ANY monthly fees (other than the 3G SIM card charges) if you wish to self-monitor. Now if you would only come up with a driveway sensor..... :-)

5.0- Review
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ratings 4.7 Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 374 Ratings from Actual Customers
review rating

The shopping experience was good but little disappointed with the return policy as it will charge 10% restocking fees plus return shipment cost to the customer.

Verified Customer
review rating
Gottfried W

There are a number of confusing instructions when ordering. I had to restart the checkout a couple times.

Verified Customer
review rating
Bill M

Order process handled quickly and efficiently.

Verified Customer
review rating
David L

This website is well designed and ordering process worked perfectly

Verified Customer
review rating
bill r


Verified Customer
Home Alarm System S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Classic Kit

Is this system ready for 220 volts? Can I use it in Europe?


Hello Mike, Yes the S6 Titan system is compatible with the 220v European power adapters. Thanks, Jessica


Internet connection I noticed another person asked if you do not have Internet can you still use the system and be notified and the answer was yes you can use the system through your Sims card but what I am wondering if you don’t have Wi-Fi how does The door sensors are motion sensors etc. connect to the main hub


Hi Andy, Thanks for your inquiry. The door/window sensors connect to the panel utilizing 433 mhz RF emitted by the panel/sensors themselves. This is not reliant on having a WiFi connection at the location the alarm is setup at. The WiFi connection is used so the panel can connect to the internet and send push notifications to your device in the event the alarm is triggered or if you wish to arm/disarm the system. I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.


If I don't have internet connection, will the SIM feature guarantee official protection? I just want to use SIM no wifi


Hello Giovanni, If you don't have internet then you can use the SIM card to get notifications and control the system with the app. Thanks, Jessica Customer Service Manager

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