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Wireless Alarm Packages

Wireless Alarm Packages

  • S02 Security System

    The Fortress S02 system uses a Landline or VOIP connection to dial up to 6 numbers in the event of a triggered alarm. This system has support for up to 99 sensors split up amongst the 32 wireless zones. This system is straight forward and easy to set up and use. If you are looking for a security system without frills this is the system for you. The S02 panel can be remotely armed or disarmed by calling into the connected telephone service number.

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  • Total Security System

    The New Fortress Total Security Alarm System offers the most advanced technology of any of the Fortress Line up. This panel requires a Cellular service connection to alert you to an alarm event. When used with a SIM card the panel becomes a powerhouse of security and control features. With application control available on Android and Apple devices and optional Monitoring, this system takes Security to a new level.

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  • Stand Alone Security Systems

    Battery powered to keep install simple and clean. Long lasting battery will make for a minimal expense over time. Loud built-in speaker that will operate as a siren or doorbell. Doorbell or siren will sound immediately if the sensor is triggered. Comes with double sided tape for clean install and removal. Small sleek design for less obtrusive appearance when installed. Affordable home security.

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