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Total Security System

Build Your Own System
Total Security System
  • No Contract or Monthly Charges
  • Connects to SIM card and Phone Line
  • Wireless Accessories
  • Built-in Backup Battery

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Create your own custom security system in minutes with our easy Build A System page. Start with the Main Panel, then add sensors and accessories a la carte to meet your exact security needs. If your needs change in the future don't worry it is easy to add to your existing kit at anytime!

Total Security System

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Need some time to make sure that the system is right for you?

No problem! Our 30-day return policy means you'll have peace of mind, no matter what you decide.

  • TS Main Panel
    $149.99 1
  • Fortress Total Security Door/Window Contact
  • Fortress Total Security Motion Detector
  • Fortress Total Security Power Supply
  • Fortress Pet Immune Motion Detector (Compatible with all Fortress Systems)
  • Fortress Total Security RFID Keypad
  • Fortress Smoke Alarm (Compatible with all Fortress Systems)
  • Fortress Total Security Plug In Strobe Siren (433 MHz)
  • Fortress Glass Break Sensor (Compatible with all Fortress Systems)
  • Sticky Tape - Total Security (5pc)
  • Fortress Outdoor/Indoor Siren (Compatible with all Fortress Systems)
  • Sticky Tape - Total Security (10pc)
  • Fortress Total Security Solar Siren
  • Fortress Indoor/Outdoor Strobe Siren 140 dB (Compatible with all Fortress Systems)
  • Fortress Total Security Remote Fob
  • Fortress Total Security Panic Button
  • Fortress Yard Sign (Weather Resistant Polyethylene Plastic)
  • Fortress Total Security RFID Keytag
  • Fortress Total Security Outlet
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In-Depth Review. Few quirks but Impressive!
Review by aid

An in-depth review of the system I got. Total Security – WiFi Main Panel, Total Security Door/Window contact, Total Security Motion Detector, Pet Immune Motion Detector, Total Security RFID, Smoke Alarm, Black Indoor/Outdoor Siren, White Internal Siren, and Signal Repeater. One of the inexpensive systems that I've seen in the market. I opted for the WiFi connection to be able to get alerts from their app without having to pay the monthly GSM(sim card) fee, even though it's only $7.99. I might upgrade one day and activate the sim card for extra protection in case my Internet or the power goes out which would turn off the router. I am replacing a Simplisafe system(1st gen) with this system. It might have been cheaper to upgrade my old Simplisafe system but Simplisafe didn’t have the WiFi feature that I really wanted. The WiFi feature will save me money in the long run and even if I opt for the SimCard($7.99), compared to Simplisafe’s($14.99) monitoring, given that you will have to monitor the system yourself and be responsible to call 911. The app works great and notifies me of any events from the system right away. I’m only giving it 4stars because of a few quirks in the system. The Main Panel has to be plugged in all the time to monitor everything. If it loses power, the monitoring stops. This will also turn off the system from alarming. If the burglar is smart enough, he/she could just unplug the main panel and turn everything off which defeats the purpose. A small Backup Battery/UPS should fix this issue in case the power goes out and hiding it from plain sight should fix the issue of the intruder unplugging the system. Door chimes when opened only from the panel. The good thing about the system is that the operator could select the sensors to chime when it is activated like doors or windows opening and motion sensors chiming when activated, if wanted. The bad thing is, it only chimes from the Main Panel and it would be hard to hear if it’s in another room. The fix would be to get a Wireless Doorbell accessory that would play the chime sounds which is another $20+ bucks, which I didn’t know about and maybe I’ll get in the future. System arming/disarming could be done from the remote, the app, the extra keypad or the main panel. The thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t countdown like the Simplisafe that I have and the only way to know that I successfully armed the system was to wait for the sirens that I bought to chirp/chime after being armed or by checking the app. The white Internal Speaker connected to the main panel by a cable is a bit short(8’) it may be enough for some homes but I extended it with speaker cable to run to my ceiling pointing toward the soffit from the back of the house all the way to the front so I could hear it chirp when I arm the system. The speaker could lead intruders to the main panel which they could unplug when the alarm is going off. Extending the cable with speaker wires was my fix and running it in the ceiling away from the main panel will fix this issue. The extra RFID keypad is a little bit confusing, and the manual supplied with it answered most of the questions I had. The # sign needs to be pressed to wake the keypad for it to accept any input which confused me a lot. The customer support was really helpful on this. Those are just the few quirks that could be improved in the future and I am not trying to sway people away from buying this system because these are very minor issues and there’s always a fix that you could do like the ones I recommended. It’s great for a DIY’er like myself. The system runs flawless and I really love the system and how well it was designed and put together. I couldn’t ask for more, this is an impressive system and handles/works just like a lot of the more expensive systems out there.

4.0- Review
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