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RFID Keypad (w/ 2 key tags) Fortress Security Store
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RFID Keypad (w/ 2 key tags) Fortress Security Store
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The Fortress RFID Keypad is a secondary keypad used to arm and disarm the security system. RFID tags allow disarming with nothing more than a swipe of the tag. Tags only work for disarming. Arming from the RFID Keypad will require a password. This keypad is battery operated and uses 3AAA batteries.

  • 433 MHz wireless signal
  • ~150 ft. wireless range
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Detects RFID signal from key tags (1-2 inches away from panel)
  • Swipe an RFID key tag 1-2 inches away to disarm the system
  • Relays signal back to the main panel
  • Acts as a decoy panel for would-be intruders
  • Place by a main entrance for convenience

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RFID Keypad (w/ 2 key tags) Fortress Security Store Description

The Fortress RFID Keypad is a secondary keypad used to arm and disarm the security system. RFID tags allow disarming with nothing more than a swipe of the tag. Tags only work for disarming, Arming from the RFID Keypad will require a password. This keypad is battery operated and uses 3AAA batteries. Compatible with S1, S03, S6 and Stand Alone systems.

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A great keypad.
Review by David

This keypad is a great addition to the alarm system packages sold here. It works like a champ. I mounted mine by the door I enter and exit most often, and that would be my door that leads from by basement to my garage. A couple of tips I learned: 1-Although it seems the keypad is only powered by three AAA batteries, that is not entirely true. On the back of the unit is connectors for a 12V DC power supply. I just got myself a cheap 120V AC to 12V DC standard transformer (online cheap) rated at 500 milliamps. The instructions for the keypad state a 100 milliamp working current. Then I just cut off the plug end of the transformer and hooked the + and - of the two wires into the back of the marked plugs on the keypad. Now my keypad is both powered by house current and also has battery backup capabilities. This thing will eat batteries, and it is not a fun job to change them since once you remove the keypad it will set off the tamper alarm until you replace the batteries and disarm. 2-Take the little mounting screw that secures the unit to the mounting plate into the hardware store and match it up with another. It's cheap Chinese metal and is soft and the head strips very easily. The hardware screw will be stronger. 3- The keypad comes with 2 RFID key tags and my main panel came with 4. On the main panel they will arm and disarm the system but the ones for the keypad will only disarm at the keypad itself. So what I did is deleted all the RFID key tags that came with the keypad, and programmed the 4 that came with my main panel in. So now a RFID key tag will arm and disarm at the main panel, plus the same one will disarm and the remote keypad. So I figured out what zone my keypad was in, (my showed 74) and programmed the first RFID key tag to that zone. Then I programmed the second RFID key tag to the next zone 75, and so on. 4- The instructions are written in "Ching-lish" and are tough to understand, but the block flow chart to change the setting is helpful once you read it over. So to delete all RFID key tags would be: 123456#1**# (That is if you didn't change the admin password) To add the first key tag for me was: 123456#074# then swipe the keytag until you get a solid beep. To change the user password: 123456#7(4 digit password)#

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works fine,
Review by atcsim from Mc Donald, PA

I was a bit frustrated that this keypad acted as a remote rather than as another central keypad, but from reading the reviews, maybe that's a good thing...and maybe I need to switch the two around and have the main keypad upstairs. The instructions are opaque, but luckily the customer service is good

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It is handy to have
Review by Hanan

The Keypad is easy to operate. it is the alarm interface. it is a decoy to have in sight while the system is hidden. it has separate pins from the alarm and it has an admin and user pins. the alarm is hidden. it is nicely built and presentable so it can be placed in view.

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Review by Dick

I had trouble getting this to sync with my SO2 alarm box. Thank goodness that Fortress's customer assistance is top notch. They are very nice, knowledgeable, and really take the time to walk you through any problems. As it turned out, I needed a new Keypad because the range was only about 5 feet. They promptly sent me a new one, talked me through the set up, and it's now working just great with no range problems in my large two story house. As others have noted, it would be nice to visually see the mode the alarm is in by looking at the keypad. Also, the icons for lock and unlock could be a bit clearer. If you're going to set up your own alarm system with products you buy over the internet, make sure you'll be getting good customer service because you'll probably need it. Fortress Security delivers and I highly recommend them.

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Works well.
Review by Dave

I have the main S02 panel mounted in the wall of an interior room in the house. I've been arming and disarming using a key FOB but having the RFID Keypad in the garage adds a little convenience. The only negative is the tiny screw that secures the panel in the mounting bracket. It's underneath and a little difficult to screw in without dropping it a few times. Takes a little practice.

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ratings 4.7 Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 374 Ratings from Actual Customers
review rating
David C

I couldn't find where to put the coupon code.

Verified Customer
review rating
Mark S

Very user friendly.

Verified Customer
review rating

I live in Canada and it shipped really fast like less than a week. Super easy install, been using it for a week or so and it's flawless. My shop has Galvanized Tin walls I was worried the sensors wouldn't get signal through the non-attached shop throw two walls and the tin but so far so good. Very impressed. The app is simple and intuitive. Makes it the easiest way to basically do any changes, like sensors settings and such. I have one question/ request. Maybe I'm not seeing it but I'd just like to have a page on the app or main Titan unit to view the status of all sensors. For example the Titan is saying one of the doors is open I should be able to look up exactly which doors are open and which are closed. Which sensors are communicating or not.( I think the sensor just sends a data oneway to head unit and only when there's a state change which probably makes sense to save battery power and such) not really a complaint just curious.

Verified Customer
review rating
Jamin H

Very easy and convenient. A little more info on the plugs that are used would be helpful.

Verified Customer
review rating
Scott A

Good stuff

Verified Customer
RFID Keypad (w/ 2 key tags) Fortress Security Store

Does the keypad give any indication when the system is armed and disarmed? And how far can the system work away from the main system. I have the Ani system


Hi, Pratesh, The RFID keypad does not give any continuous indication of whether the system is armed or disarmed; however, it will beep to let you know when an arm or disarm command has been successfully sent (as opposed to there being some mistake in the password or some other error; this will produce a different sound, so you will always know if your commands have gone through!). This device can work up to 150 feet away from the main panel. Thanks, Amanda, Fortress Security Store


How many secondary keypads can be tied to the main system?


You can program multiple RFID keypads to any Fortress main panel, but the maximum number of keypads you can add to one systems will vary depending on which system you have. You can refer to our online User Manuals for more details about each system.


No instructions. How do I set this up with my system


Hi, Domenic, This process will vary depending upon which of our systems you are using-- however, you can find programming instructions for all of our systems and accessories here! https://www.fortresssecuritystore.com/programming-instructions Simply select the name of the system you have, then select the RFID keypad from the accessories list. Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks, Amanda, Fortress Security Store

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