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Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit
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Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit
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    or Monthly Charges
  • 3 Year
  • 30 Day
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The Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit includes all the items listed here. It’s a great fit for smaller homes, apartments, RVs, and small offices. Accessories can also be purchased at a later date and easily added to the system. The Vea panel can connect to nearby cell phone towers (with an active GSM SIM card) and communicate with the free mobile app, available for iPhones and Android phones.

The wireless accessories have a range of about 150 feet, and they come with batteries included. The accessories are also pre-programmed, so they are already working with your main panel when you take them out of the box. For longer distances, or for homes with brick or concrete walls, we also have an optional wireless signal repeater available for purchase, which can increase the signal strength by another 200 to 400 feet.

  • Power: Micro-USB 5V, 1A
    Internal battery backup
  • 433 MHz wireless frequency
  • ~150 ft. wireless range
  • 3G / 4G GSM SIM card slot
  • Fortress SIM card included ( 3G / 4G GSM )
  • Free Mobile App for iOS / Android
  • Main panel can be placed in a central or hidden location
  • Built-in siren and voice responses
  • 99 Zones w/ Up To 10 Accessories Each

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Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit Description

The Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit includes a few accessories to help get you started with protecting your home or small office. The system acts as a local alarm, and also has a self-monitoring feature that uses a GSM SIM card to call or text one or more phone numbers in the event of an alarm. The full color screen on the main panel is a user-friendly interface to quickly and easily see the status of the system, as well as configure system settings.

The system also comes with a free mobile app for iPhone and Android phones so you can control your system from anywhere with your smartphone.

The stylish, wireless accessories have a range of 150 feet from the main panel, which can also be increased with an optional signal repeater.

The Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit includes:

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we recommend the product
Review by H3C

The ease of confirming the alarm through the App is great, it is easy to use remotely.

5.0- Review
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2 people found this review helpful.
Great Security System!
Review by Cody from MIAMI, FL

I really like the system that I purchased. It's easy to setup and the system components are of very high quality plus it just works great!

5.0- Review
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Excellent System and Great Customer Service
Review by Edward

I am somewhat of a nut on security systems. First of all, I have an EE degree. But, what I really appreciate about this system is how easy it is to install and how well it works. Granted, it is early days, but I am very hopeful it will prove to be 'the one' that really works and is also cost effective. So far, so good. First, the manual is OK but not great. But that is where the Fortress Store really excels. I have purchased two different systems from them and their customer service is top notch. You can call people who know their products and take care of you. Having said that, I think one improvement would be to simply put a short post it note or something on the unit package that explains clearly what the actual name if the App is on for the Iphone App store. Small point, but it could have saved a phone call. I have installed several systems before, including one many years ago that was completely hard wired. Problem being, it has no ability to call me any more since the phone dial unit bit the dust years ago. What I like about this system is that it uses cellular technology to text and call you when the alarms are triggered. And you can also use your cell to arm and disarm the unit and query its status. Now, that is what I call state of the art. Sure, you have to activate the included cellular SIM card to hop on the 3G or 4G system in your area, but that is to be expected. The cost is very reasonable. What I like about this approach is that today, real copper wire landlines are going away. So, what you have when you have a 'phone' is really voice-over-internet or VOIP. What that means is if your modem glitches, or you lose power to your home, you really have no phone service any longer. I liked the idea of having a cellular connection that would alert me if the system were tripped. The good news is that it seems to work in an excellent manner. I have so far used the motion detector as my primary trigger, and I plan to add another. I do have my wired system still as a back up deterrent, but with more motion detectors or window/door detectors, you can easily build a tight net. The most amazing feature is getting cellular text and phone messages if the unit is triggered and being able to disarm or arm from the same cell phone. Very well designed with an installed back up battery that remains charged from the power line. So even if a bad guy takes the in house unit and disconnects it from the AC line, it will still alert you by cell! I set mine for no delay on trigger before it alerts me, so there it is essentially impossible for the bad guy to disable the unit before I get an alert. I can then call the local police for a check of the premises. I also have cameras that I can independently check once alerted. For a little over $100 without any special deals, I think this is a great unit. Edward

5.0- Review
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Add sensors
Review by Sugar from Wilmington, NC

Could I add sensors to this set, and up to how many

4.0- Review
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Good product for basic DIY home alarm
Review by Fuad

Alarm system is easy to program and install, however the manual should be be improved with more programming details. The GSM interface works well. Great customer care service, my faulty PIR was replaced promptly.

4.0- Review
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1 people found this review helpful.
ratings 4.7 Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 374 Ratings from Actual Customers
review rating

Great so far!

Verified Customer
review rating
Felix R

Nice done good job easy to use

Verified Customer
review rating

Excellent Customer service

Verified Customer
review rating
Ahmad M


Verified Customer
review rating
Troy B


Verified Customer
Vea 3G/4G GSM Starter Kit

What are the power requirements and can we purchase outdoor wireless sensors?


Hi Rich, The Vea panel uses a 5v power adapter. We don't currently have outdoor sensors, however you can purchase our traditional contacts and if they were protected from the elements they could be used outside. Thanks, Jessica


Hi, does the alarm system have connectors for wired sensors? Ports which allows either normally open or normally close


Hi Jeff, The GSM is a land line and 2G GSM compatible panel which does support wired sensors through the wired BUS bar. More information regarding this BUS bar can be found here: I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions, thanks!


Does this system come with an indoor or outdoor siren? If someone breaks in will it make a noise?


Hello Carla, The Vea Starter Kit does not come with an Indoor/outdoor siren. There is a siren built in to the main panel or you can add a siren to this kit. Thanks, Jessica

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