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Why is my Total Security system alarming when I didn't arm it?

This article is part of a larger troubleshooting article, "My alarm system is frequently giving me false alarms. What should I do?"

If your Total Security system is triggering the alarm when you did not arm the system, one cause may be that the Auto Arm feature could have been set accidentally.

If the Auto Arm feature is enabled, the system will arm itself at a specified time of day. Here are the programming steps to enable or disable the Auto Arm feature.

Programming the Auto Arm Feature on the Total Security Main Panel:

  1. On the Main Panel, enter your password, then press the Menu key [three horizontal lines].
  2. Scroll to System, and press OK.
  3. Scroll to Auto Arm/Disarm, and press OK.
  4. If all the slots are empty, then no automatic arming will occur.
  5. To add an event, press OK on any empty slot. You can then provide the details of the time of the event, and etc.
  6. To delete or edit any unwanted events, highlight that event and select "Add/Edit" or "Delete" as needed. 

If the Auto Arm feature was not enabled, or if disabling the Auto Arm feature did not resolve the issue, please refer back to "My alarm system is frequently giving me false alarms. What should I do?" or contact our Customer Support team.

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