315 MHz Sirens and 433 MHz Sirens

Some of our systems use sirens that operate on a 315 MHz frequency, and others use sirens that operate on a 433 MHz frequency. 315 MHz sirens will not work with systems that have 433 MHz sirens, nor vice versa. 

Which Fortress system do I have? 


Current Systems

S02 - sirens are 315 MHz

S03 - works with both 315 MHz and 433 MHz

Total Security (sold in second half of 2016 and later) - sirens are 433 MHz

S6 Titan Security System - sirens are 433 MHz


Legacy Systems 

GSM - sirens are 315 MHz

Vea 3G/4G GSM - sirens are 433 MHz

Ani Security System - sirens are 433 MHz

Total Security (sold in first half of 2016) - sirens are 315 MHz

Total Security WiFi - sirens are 433 MHz


If you are unsure whether your panel and/or sirens use 433 MHz radio signals, you can check by looking for the "433M" sticker. This will be on your panel and on your sirens, if they use 433 MHz.