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How can I control my S6 Titan system remotely using text messages (SMS)?

If you have an active SIM card installed in your S6 Titan system, then you can send text message commands to your system using the following format.

For this example, we'll assume that the 4-digit User Password in your S6 Titan system is set to the default of "1234". If you have changed this password, then you will need to use your password instead of "1234" in the commands below.

Send the message to the phone number associated with your SIM card.


1234#ARM - Arms the system in Away Armed Mode

1234#HOME - Arms the system in Home Mode

1234#DISARM - Disarms the system

1234#CHECK - Checks the current status of the system


After sending the text message, you should receive a text / SMS reply from the panel indicating that it received your command.


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