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What are Zone settings and how do they work?

The GSM Alarm System has a total of 10 Zones, each of which can be programmed with different settings. These settings will determine the behavior of any and all sensors in that Zone.


Zone Settings Summary

Here are the relevant settings to toggle for each zone

  • Armed - When the system is armed in Away mode, the sensors will be active if Enabled.
  • Home - When the system is armed in Home mode, the sensors will be active if Enabled.
  • Disarmed - When the system is disarmed, the sensors will be active if Enabled.
  • Siren - When the alarm is triggered in this zone, the sirens will sound if Enabled.
  • Delay - When the alarm is triggered in this zone, there will be a delay before the alarm goes off.


Pre-Programmed Settings

Here is how a GSM F Kit would be pre-programmed:

Zone Away Arm Home Arm Disarmed "Place" Label Siren Delay
Zone 1 Enable Enable Disable Door Enable Disable
Zone 2 Enable Disable Disable Hall Enable Disable
Zone 3 Enable Enable Disable Window Enable Enable
Zone 4 Enable Disable Disable Balcony Enable Disable
Zone 5 Enable Disable Enable Fire Enable Disable
Zone 6 Enable Disable Enable Gas Enable Disable
Zones 7-9 Enable Disable Disable SOS Enable Disable
Zone 0 Enable Enable Enable SOS Enable Disable


Best Practices / Recommendations

By default, we recommend the following (keep in mind each Zone has a maximum of 10 sensors allowed):
  • Placing any motion detectors on Zone 2
  • Placing any sensors for which you want an entry delay on Zone 3
  • Placing any sensors for which you do NOT want a delay on Zone 1
  • Placing the panic button on Zone 0
  • Placing the smoke detector on Zone 5
  • Placing the gas leak detector on Zone 6

Of course, the Zones themselves can be modified, so be sure that whichever Zone you are placing the sensor into has the appropriate settings for the behavior you want.


Instructions for Changing Zone Settings

To navigate to the Zones and check their settings, follow the steps below:

  1. On the main panel, enter your 6-digit SET password  default 888888.
  2. Scroll to Zone and press Enter to select it.
  3. Scroll to the desired Zone number.
  4. Scroll down in that Zone until you find the setting you wish to change.
  5. Press Enter to toggle between Enabled or Disabled.

Note: When the setting in question is Enabled, the screen will read "Enable." When the setting is Disabled, the screen will read "Disable."

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