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    Top 10 Tips to Travel Abroad Safely

    When traveling you don’t want to be focused all the time on issues of security: where would the enjoyment be in that? However, what is clear is that safety, both of you and your family personally, and then the security of your possessions and digital data, is always a priority. But with the right preparation, it need not be your sole concern.

  • A home wireless network is created when you connect an internet access point like a cable from the Internet Service Provider to a router so that you can connect several devices to the network.

    Have you ever thought about maximizing your home wireless network security? Majority of people across the world today have installed

  • Do you want to put your company's reputation or your career in jeopardy just because you didn't care about some basic workplace safety tips?

    Although, it cannot be expected a desk job to have the same situation as those who are working in a profession like the welding. But some of the most basic workplace safety measures are universal.

  • Crime is something that many businesses have to deal with. In fact, Associated Security found that more than half of small to medium size businesses in the UK are targeted by crime at some point in their tenure. As such, it’s important to know the effects that crime can have on your business, so you’re ready to handle it.


  • The increasing safety threats and rising crime rates have made it crucial for you to invest your time and resources into your home security. By undertaking simple security measures, you will end up securing your loved ones, residence, and precious items.

    You never know when burglars will knock at your door.

  • Home security and safety is essential in the current day and age. Fortunately, the awareness about home security has increased over the last decade, but still, the majority of the homes in the US are unprotected.

    According to statistics from the FBI, theft,

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    The Transition to Solar Energy

    Over the last six years, the use of solar power has ranked as No. 1 or No. 2 in new electric additions in homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

    And over the last 10 years, the cost associated with installing solar energy panels has dropped 70 percent.

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    How to Stay Safe Using Smart Devices

    Are people safe when using smart home devices?

    Last year, CBC Canada did an interesting experiment. They hired three ethical hackers who sent a phishing email to a couple from Ontario and were able to unlock their front door, protected by a smart security device, in a matter of minutes.

  • Home security is a hot topic in the surveillance industry, day in and out, a lot of people are working for the same cause, they tend to focus on some new technologies which will be helpful in surveillance. Till now we have got a number of advancements in home surveillance.

    In market there are several home security tools and cameras,

  • School and college campuses can provide a sense of security—a warm feeling of knowing everyone looks out for each other. Sadly, there are people who take advantage of this sense of safety to commit hateful acts.

    A safe and supportive environment can prevent violence.

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