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  • If you’re a business owner then it’s vital for you to spend some time securing your workplace. After all, your office is one of your major assets, while your digital properties are likely business critical. Even when they’re not essential for your operations, they can store valuable business data that could cause big problems if it was compromised.

  • It is very common for burglars to enter through the first-floor window where they can vandalize property, steal belonging, or even threaten human life. Therefore homeowners must make sure that their windows are not the weak link in their home security system. On the contrary, windows can be used as another security layer to protect your property if you reinforce the right window security strategies.

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    How To Fix Cyber Defense: 5 Tips From Pros

    A business’ comprehensive cyber defense has a short lifespan.

    Meaning, the malware catalog in your security system requires consistent updating, the credentials and passwords used by your staff might be exposed over time, and your existing cybersecurity measures might not protect you against the more sophisticated threats.

  • Introduction

    If we compare an average workplace just 20 years ago and now, the difference in all aspects from equipment to daily employee routine would be overwhelming. Since the expansion of the internet, the world started to change at an ever-increasing pace,

  • As previous posts have alluded to, keeping your home secure is vital to protecting what's yours. The last time we covered this topic, we looked at six ways you can bolster your home's security for peace of mind. In this ultimate guide, we'll expand on that with five practical tips.

  • As technology continues to advance, the organization’s data continues to become vulnerable. The latest technology, the new risks accompany it. Almost all organizations today are using computers and the internet which is why they are in danger of a data breach. Cyber security has been a concern for many businesses

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    Top 10 Tips to Travel Abroad Safely

    When traveling you don’t want to be focused all the time on issues of security: where would the enjoyment be in that? However, what is clear is that safety, both of you and your family personally, and then the security of your possessions and digital data, is always a priority. But with the right preparation, it need not be your sole concern.

  • A home wireless network is created when you connect an internet access point like a cable from the Internet Service Provider to a router so that you can connect several devices to the network.

    Have you ever thought about maximizing your home wireless network security? Majority of people across the world today have installed

  • Do you want to put your company's reputation or your career in jeopardy just because you didn't care about some basic workplace safety tips?

    Although, it cannot be expected a desk job to have the same situation as those who are working in a profession like the welding. But some of the most basic workplace safety measures are universal.

  • Crime is something that many businesses have to deal with. In fact, Associated Security found that more than half of small to medium size businesses in the UK are targeted by crime at some point in their tenure. As such, it’s important to know the effects that crime can have on your business, so you’re ready to handle it.

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