Guest Post - Why You Need A Security System

Guest Post - Why You Need A Security System

Guest Post - Why You Need A Security System

Thinking about a home security system might conjure up ideas about annoying house alarms going off all hours, or intrusive CCTV cameras, but modern systems have come a long way and not only protect against intruders but can become a convenient part of modern life, letting you see who is at your front door when you are out, and turning off your lights remotely.

Here are the top ten reasons why you need a security system in your home:

Protect your home from burglars or intruders

This is probably the main reason most people would consider any kind of security system for their home. It is a deterrent to burglars and intruders keeping you and your belongings safe from potential break-ins.

Terry from Prestige Doors agreed “This is definitely the biggest point for me, yes you can get insurance but sometimes things get taken that may be irreplaceable to you. What if they take your laptop and it has all your photos from the last 10 years and you didn’t make a backup?”

Added fire safety for your home.

Many modern home security systems can also include heat and smoke detectors as part of the system so they protect your from fire as well as criminals. The systems are designed to pick up on changes in heat, giving a really early warning, which can help to prevent a fire from spreading and causing further damage.

Manage your energy use

How many times have you gone out and then remembered you left your bedroom light on, or wished you could turn on your heating so the house would be warm when you got home? With a home security system you can control the electricity supply in your home remotely, allowing you to turn appliances and lights on and off remotely. If you are not coming home that night, you can turn the lights on remotely so that would-be intruders will think someone is home.

Cheaper home insurance

Many insurers will offer lower cost policies to home owners who have security systems installed in their property.

Carbon monoxide detection

As well as smoke and heat alarms, a security system can be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors to let you know if this odourless and invisible killer is in your house, allowing you to get out in time, before it’s too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

Monitor your house wherever you are

When you leave home for long periods, perhaps travelling for work, holiday or visiting friends and family, a security system enables you to remotely monitor your home from wherever you are giving you complete peace of mind and enabling you to raise the alarm if you do spot anything untoward, rather than returning home to a nasty shock.

Set your home to automatic

More advanced home security systems also offer automation services, allowing you to set up systems which will control your lights, door locks and the temperature in your home, all automatically to a time that you schedule.

Emergency monitoring of your home

Som security systems are linked to the emergency services 24/7 so if anything does happen and you are not around, your home system will monitor and then notify the emergency services immediately, so you can be away safe in the knowledge that your house is protected.

Medical emergencies

If you live alone, have a medical condition or are elderly then a home security system can also be equipped with medical emergency systems such as emergency pulls or pendants which you can use to automatically alert the emergency services.

Increase the value of your home

Having a home security system reduces risk and can therefore increase the value of your home when you come to sell it or have it valued. If you sell it on with the system still installed then you could include that in the price of your home, adding to the value.

As you can see there are many valid reasons for why you need a security system in your home, not only for peace of mind and security, but also to help you manage and monitor your home when you are not around.

Turning appliances on and off remotely could help to reduce your energy usage and therefore lower your bills as well as making the house more comforting when you do return home, with the lights and heating on to welcome you in on a cold night.

Instead of worrying all day that you left the iron on, you can just use your security system to check and if you did, you can turn it off and spend the rest of your day knowing everything is fine. A security system nowadays is so much more than cameras and alarms, it’s an enhanced way of life.

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