Tips on How To Improve Your Window Security at Home

Tips on How To Improve Your Window Security at Home

Tips on How To Improve Your Window Security at Home

It is very common for burglars to enter through the first-floor window where they can vandalize property, steal belonging, or even threaten human life. Therefore homeowners must make sure that their windows are not the weak link in their home security system. On the contrary, windows can be used as another security layer to protect your property if you reinforce the right window security strategies.

Inspect Windows Inside and Out

It is crucial to examine your windows inside and out so that you ensure everything is working correctly and also to see the windows from the intruders' perspective. Any expensive belonging or gadgets that can be seen through your window might be an "invitation" to a thief.

One should check for cracks and make sure the locks work correctly. Any shrubs that are above window height should be trimmed as intruders love to take cover behind them. However, thorny bushes underneath the windows can be planted to act as a barrier against thieves.

Keep in mind that if a potential burglar can see inside your home through your windows, it might entice them. Therefore, by keeping curtains or blinds closed, especially at night or when you are out, can decrease the chances of them trying to break in.

Window Locks and Security Pins

One way to slow down burglars is to install locks. Make sure your locks are working accurately or install locks if you don't have any.

Homeowners can make use of add-on locks that can be found at a local hardware store, or one can hire a locksmith or other professionals to help secure the windows and doors.

For older wood-framed, double-hung windows, you can install security pins on the window frame. These pins are available at hardware stores and are placed in the upper sash of the window. This will allow you to open your window about six inches while at the same time it keeps intruders out.

Metal barriers

Security bars, grills, and wire mesh might not look very appealing, but if you feel that your neighborhood is not very safe, they can make a huge difference.

Wire mesh can still be easily removed or compromised over some time. Therefore if you are installing wire mesh, then make sure to install them on the inside of the windows so that when the alarm goes off from the broken window, the intruders will have another barrier to defeat, making their mission more difficult.

It is essential to keep in mind the path of fire egress when installing window barriers. Any barrier around your window that is installed should have an internal release mechanism for safe removal in case the window needs to be used as an emergency exit.

Protective Covering Film

Another installation homeowners can make are safety films. These films will hold shattered glass in place if a thief breaks the window. Even though they do not make the windows shatter-proof, they do add extra resistance, which may discourage or delay intruders.

One can also opt for privacy tinting film, which will obstruct the view into your home. Other benefits of these films are that they are affordable and have energy control properties, which helps with energy savings.

Window Upgrades

If you have old windows, then you should consider replacing them for security reasons.

There are a wide variety of durable, energy-efficient windows on the market nowadays, which offer a lot of beneficial features materials. Glass that is tempered or security glass is also harder to break.

By speaking to a professional window installer, you can find energy-efficient windows that have newer style locks for extra security.

Contacts and Sensors

Contact alarms are similar to those used on doors. These alarms can be installed by the window and will detect when the window is broken as opposed to open.

Another similar option is glass break sensors, which is a sensor that will trigger the sound of glass breaking.

Passive Infrared

Infrared cameras can be installed at high-risk windows which will act the same way as entrance monitoring.

Any motion that is detected will be recorded or be transmitted to a central monitoring station, which will then either alert or send a live feed to your security team.


Motion sensored-flood lights could also be installed near specific windows, which will signal if someone is approaching them. This allows you to respond before a break-in happens, and it might even scare the intruder away.


As you can see, there are several ways to improve the security of your windows. With so many innovative locking systems, durable windows, and security technology on the market, it is easy to find a solution that will fit your home. By having a professional home security company evaluate your property, including your windows, you can ensure the best security combination for your home overall.

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