Guest Post - Solar Power For Your Home

Guest Post - Solar Power For Your Home

Guest Post - Solar Power For Your Home

Today, our society is more aware of the carbon footprint that we are leaving on earth and therefore alternative energy is becoming more popular around the world. Along with the wind and hydropower, solar power is one option that can free your home from using conventional energy. 

There is no doubt that sunlight is abundant in energy and the amount send out each hour towards our planet is found to be enough to meet our energy needs for a year. With the help of solar technology, it is made possible to convert this energy into electricity through the use of photovoltaics (PV), also known as solar cells.

Solar power for your home:

To make use of solar power in your home, you can either install solar panels or buy solar energy from a company that owns power plants. For residential rooftops, it is possible to buy solar panels or lease them from a solar panel company in your area.

How does photovoltaics work:

Most solar panels for homes get installed on the roof in the area with maximum sun exposure, however, there are some exceptions. The solar cells on the panels will collect the sunlight while the inverters will convert the low voltage, high current signals into grid compatible AC power. The systems, connected via wires and conduit provides your home with power. For safety reasons, there are switch boxes included to the setup.

Benefits of solar panels for your home:

The whole point of using solar energy is to minimize the use of coal, gas, and oil as energy resources. Solar power is clean energy which does not cause harm to the environment. The initial cost to install solar power might be pricey, but the actual energy generated is for free. Therefore solar panels pay for themselves over time. Homes with solar panels also have an increase in value.

Solar panel theft:

Theft of solar panels are extremely rare in the US, but it can happen. As there is no market for used solar panels just yet, thieves would have a hard time selling them as well. However, if you are worried that it might happen to you, here are some ways to protect your solar panels against theft. 

  • Make sure your home insurance company is informed to cover the solar panels. In most cases, the premium will not even get raised.
  • It is possible to install a security system with a wire that sets off an alarm if the panels get removed.
  • Asking for the serial numbers of the panels during installation will help to identify them if they do get tracked down when stolen.
  • Put a sign on the solar panels that claim a security company protects them. Thieves would not know whether it is true or not and might rethink their mission.

Solar power is becoming more popular and solar technology is frequently advancing. Adding all this together can be linked to the lower installation and operation costs. With residential solar systems that are improving, we can expect that solar power will soon become feasible for everyone, making our homes greener.

Author's Bio:

Matt J. is a writer and editor for Reilly Roofing & Gutters, specialized in home improvement, architecture & design and smart technology.