Guest Post - Smart Technology in your House

Guest Post - Smart Technology in your House

Guest Post - Smart Technology in your House

Smart phone, smart car, smart tv, everywhere we look the word ""smart"" is being added, today even more so to our homes. Smart (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a monitoring system that can be controlled and monitored over the internet, making your daily household routines easier with a press of a button. This technology is advancing and developing, cool gadgets are entering every home, changing our lifestyles. Simple Smart designs are making us live more effortless, giving us a quality life and at the same time conserving space.

It is safe to say that smart technology has many benefits and it brings a futuristic feeling to the world, making our life more convenient and even more environmentally friendly. If you do not understand what the big fuss is about or you are just a technology lover, then read on to see how smart technology can improve your home.


Within the smart home security systems, there are products that are more portable and affordable than before. If your budget does not allow the full smart home security system, then you can choose products that will add to your home's safety. This includes automated lights, making it seem like someone is home when away, such as the Telstra Smart Bulb. High definition cameras (Netgear Arlo Pro) can be installed that will allow you live property streaming, allowing you to monitor from a distance. Having a smart security system in our homes can put our minds at ease, as they are ""watching"" over our homes, but at the same time, we can check in even when we are away. A system that can tell the difference between a cat and a burglar will give you an idea of just how advanced home security have become.

Light automation

Light can have a big impact on our moods and productivity, yet most of us do not realize how important the perfect lighting is. Smart technology can ensure that you set the right mood for any occasions, even if you are just buying it for the cool effects. Today there are various smart lighting products that can change the lighting to suit your lifestyle and the time of day. The Philips Hue, for instance, is smart lighting that can be remotely controlled by an app and bridge scheduled to come on at pre-set time and turn off at night. You can choose from bulbs to light strips and different colors and styles, that will bring energy-efficient lighting to your home.

Energy Savers

All smart home gadgets are energy-efficient, but here are some which are made to focus directly on saving energy:

- To help you curb the excessive consumption in your house there are smart home products that can track energy usage. Powershop, gives users a live energy reading via an app. In-home display allows owners to monitor their resources through information displayed on a dashboard.

- Even your roof can become ""smart"" by installing a smart system that will take into account the temperature and moisture. This is in case of ice forming, then the heat is brought down automatically, stopping the ice in it tracks. This snow melting system is energy-efficient and helps and economical.

- Other smart products like the Aquamonitor GreenStar and AquaTrip can detect leaks in plumbing, thereby conserving water and avoiding costly repairs.

- Motion Sensor PowerStrip with 8 Outlets can conserve energy by detecting movement in the area. If human movement is not detected for 30 minutes then it turns the outlets off automatically, ideal for networking equipment and entertainment consoles.

- Smart Faucet can save up to 15,000 gallons per unit per year. No need for touching the faucet valves, as its motion sensor detects when hands are underneath it, making it ideal for children and the elderly. No more dripping taps due to not closing it properly, because smart faucet is completely automatic. This is an inexpensive technology that helps you conserve water in your home and preserve our environment.


Daily tasks and routines around the house can sometimes take up all our time and energy, leaving us feeling drained and with no time to spend with our loved ones.

Imagine: Smart appliances like smart vacuum cleaners will do most of the cleaning for you, as it moves around your house automatically; detecting and navigating obstacles and afterward it even can empty out its dust bin. While the cleaning is taken care of, all you need to do is be on time for tea as your smart kettle, automated to the time you prefer, is heating up the water for your hot drink to be ready when you step into the kitchen. While you are sipping your tea you can browse through your Wi-Fi LCD screen on your smart fridge that has your eating plan ready for the week. If your food is running low, do not worry your fridge can detect what supplies are missing and make the grocery order for you.


Thanks to smart technology around your home, you will be left with loads of time on your hands, giving you the chance to entertain yourself more often. Most of us know that smart TVs' will act as your own home theater, but there are many more smart technologies on the market intended for entertainment purposes. You can control wireless speakers with a smart phone app that provides access to iTunes and other streaming services, conserving your space and adding some class to your decor. Having friends over, you can be sure that the wine provided for the party was kept in great storage as a smart wine cellar has an energy-saving cooling system and takes care of the wine storage needs.

Thanks to advancements in products and hardware it is possible for everyone to gain from smart technology as you can retrofit smart technology in any home even if it is not newly built. Giving you complete control over everything in your house, even when you are not home, ensuring a safe and healthy home for you and your family and giving you the comfort and time you deserve is not just a dream anymore. Smart technology is here, improving by the day.

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