6 of the Most Effective Ways to Make Your Home Secure & Sound

6 of the Most Effective Ways to Make Your Home Secure & Sound

6 of the Most Effective Ways to Make Your Home Secure & Sound

Home security and safety is essential in the current day and age. Fortunately, the awareness about home security has increased over the last decade, but still, the majority of the homes in the US are unprotected.

According to statistics from the FBI, theft, and robberies are the two most frequent crimes in the US. Another report from the FBI suggests that one out of three unprotected homes in the US get burglarized, while for households with some security system, the numbers are 1 out of 250.

There are many different ways to add to your home's security, and today I am going to be mentioning some of these methods. Employ these security techniques in your home to keep yourself and your family safe from home invaders and burglars.

Install Surveillance cameras in your home:

One of the most effective and common ways to increase the security of your home is to add a surveillance camera system. Most burglaries and thefts are crimes of opportunity. Thieves and burglars look for comfortable houses, and when they notice the security cameras on your front porch, they will move on. Surveillance cameras are an excellent deterrent for criminals.

The technology of surveillance cameras has evolved a lot in the last couple of decades. Cameras are now easy to install, and they have many useful security features. You can buy sound recording security cameras as well that have two-way audio communication capabilities. You can also easily monitor smart cameras from your mobile phone as long as you have an internet connection.

Some of the modern cameras also have face recognition and motion-sensing capabilities, and they can identify if the person entering your home is a family member or a stranger? Surveillance cameras can significantly improve your safety and security so install them now.

Add an alarm system:

Adding an alarm system to your home is another very effective way to increase its security. You should install an alarm system that will be triggered by sensors placed on all of the entry points of your home.

Install sensors on all of your windows and doors, so that if anyone tries to enter your home forcefully, the alarm will be triggered. There are a lot of options when it comes to alarms. You can go for a loud alarm, or you could also install a silent alarm that will automatically alert you and the nearest police station about the break-in at your home.

Most thieves and burglars want to enter your home undetected, and when the alarm is sounded, they will run the other way. So, a loud alarm system, with a lot of well-placed sensors, can be a very useful addition to your home security system.

Buy a home defence weapon:

In the US, citizens also have the option of buying a home defence weapon for the protection of their homes. In case the alarms or surveillance cameras fail to deter intruders, a shotgun will send them running for the bushes.

There are a lot of options for a home defence weapon, but I would suggest going for something lighter in a lower calibre. Loud and high calibre guns aren't suitable for inside use, and they can be very dangerous. So, a shotgun with birdshot or a small-calibre handgun like a 9mm or a 22 calibre is excellent for home defence.

Though guns are quite useful, they can be a lot of trouble. You will need to get a license, fill a lot of forms, buy a gun safe and go through a lot of other errands to own a gun. I would suggest that you buy some non-lethal home defence weapons to keep your home safe.

Pepper spray or an electroshock weapon can be equally effective as a gun, and they can't permanently hurt you or the intruder. Having some weapon to protect your family will give you peace of mind that you can't get from security cameras and alarms.

Add a smart door lock:

You shouldn't rely on the normal chain locks that are used on many doors. If the main latch is picked, which is easier than you may think, the chain lock can easily be broken by a strong push. Instead of a chain lock, go for a deadbolt and add a smart door lock to your home.

These smart door locks are very diverse, and they use a lot of different authentication methods that are way more secure than a mechanical key. Smart locks can be accessed through pin codes, biometric recognition, voice recognition, or security tokens.

Moreover, you can integrate these locks with your alarm system, and if you forget to lock the door, you can remotely lock it from your phone. The connectivity with your phone also means that you will get alerts when someone enters the wrong passcode, and the cameras on the lock will also take a picture of the potential intruder.

Get a pet dog:

One of the best ways to add to your home's security is getting a guard dog. A dog will keep any unknown intruders away from your home, and it will also prove to be a very loving and loyal companion.

When you are adopting a dog to guard your home, you need to choose the right breed, because not all dogs are naturally protective. The best breed for a home guard dog is Doberman Pinschers. These amazing dogs are always alert and ready to face danger. This is why Doberman Pinchers are the most common dogs used by the police. You can also go for a canine or a terrier to protect your home

Use light automation to trick burglars:

Most of the time, burglars will ring the bell or knock on the door to confirm that no one's home before they enter. A great way to scare away these criminals is to use automated lights. There are some beneficial light bulbs available in the market that will light up when the bell is rung, or the door is knocked.

You can also set these lights to turn on and off at certain times, to make it look like you are at home even if you are away for a vacation. You can also get a light that makes it look like a TV is turned on in the room. This will deter burglars, who will think that you are still awake even if you have gone to sleep.

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