Guest Post- Why a Security System is more Effective than a Guard Dog

Guest Post- Why a Security System is more Effective than a Guard Dog

Guest Post- Why a Security System is more Effective than a Guard Dog

When it comes to protecting your home, you want to have peace of mind knowing that the method you choose is going to work well. For years many people have relied on guard dogs for providing protection for the family home. But are they the best option?

Overall guard dogs are an ok way to protect the house, but they have limitations that security systems don’t have. This article is going to explore all the reasons why a security system is more effective than a guard dog.

On Alert 24/7

One of the top reasons that an alarm system is more effective than a dog is that an alarm doesn’t require sleep or get distracted. A dog will usually be able to detect an intruder, but on occasion they could end up sleeping through a break in or be out doing something in the yard and not hear it. You’ll never catch your alarm system sleeping on the job if it’s setup correctly.

Less Maintenance

Another benefit of a security system is that it doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance. Once it’s setup and installed it will be easy to use and work for a long time.

A dog on the other hand, will need daily maintenance like feeding, grooming, walking and more. You also need to make sure to spend an adequate amount of time with them which can be hard if you’re a busy person.

Less Expensive

The cost of a good home security system is generally less than a pet dog. A dog from a good breeder can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the breed. Then there are the monthly recurring costs like food, vaccinations, toys, treats, etc. 

An alarm system on the other hand will have a much lower monthly cost, or no monthly cost at all. The setup is often cheaper and easier as well.

Guest Friendly

Overall most dogs when trained properly should be ok to have around guests. However, there are some dogs that have a more aggressive nature and can pose a risk to small children and other pets. This can be particularly true for dogs bred or trained to be guard dogs. They are often on alert and more sensitive to noises or sudden movements. This can make it harder to have people over if you need to worry about aggression from your pet.

Aside from an accidental false alarm, there will never be an instance where you need to worry about your alarm system posing a threat to your family or guests in your home.

Cover a Larger Area

If you have a big home or want to protect a large area such as a warehouse, then a security system is superior for monitoring many different entrances and exits. Dog’s have good senses, but if the area is large they won’t be able to hear or see those far off areas, leaving them vulnerable for break ins.


Overall both dogs and security systems can be great options for protecting your home. There are pros and cons to both and it’s good to consider all the options before making a purchase. You can always consider combining them for maximum effectiveness.


Author Bio: Annie Moore is a long-time dog owner and enthusiast. When she’s not walking the dogs with her family she blogs over at