Guest Post - Home Security During Halloween

Guest Post - Home Security During Halloween

Guest Post - Home Security During Halloween

Nothing stirs up our fall spirit like the changing colors of leaves and Halloween time.  A favorite holiday for children, Halloween can bring out fun and creativity with decorations and costumes. 

But with the slogan ‘trick or treat’, many homeowners are left wondering if they are doing everything they can to be safe during the season. We know that this holiday can also bring out vandals and pranksters looking to potentially do damage to property.  

We wanted to take some time to remind all homeowners to stay informed and know how to prepare for the upcoming holiday.  Here are 10 ways to keep your home safe and secure for Halloween. 

1)    Store vehicles in garage
An easy target for any vandal is a car parked in the driveway or street.  Since there will be a lot of foot traffic in your driveway during trick or treat hours, there are many opportunities for someone to attempt to get inside.  All it takes is a quick glance inside the vehicle to spot any electronics like iPads or GPS devices.  It’s best to store your car in your garage during trick or treat hours so it doesn’t become a target for a break-in.

2)    Lock gates that lead to backyard
Because so many people will be wandering on and off your property, it’s best to keep them out of the places you don’t want them to be exploring.  Locking your backyard gates will prevent any curious intruders from surveying the back of your property.  It stops them from learning about the type of back entrances you have and any valuables you keep outside.

3)    Keep your home well lit
If you plan on being home during the trick or treating hours and want to participate, make sure all the outdoor lights are working properly.  If you have motion sensor lights, test them out to be sure they detect movement.  If you have a home security system, place a sign in a well-lit area to alert any potential burglar that your home is well protected.

4)    Remove any spare keys from outside
Many people leave a spare key near their main entrance for convenience.  During Halloween, this can be a major security issue. With so many visitors walking around your main entrance, it would be easy for someone to check under the flower pots or welcome mat for a spare key.  If you keep a spare key outside, make sure to bring it in around the holiday.

5)    Don’t leave packages at your door
If you’re expecting a package delivery, make sure to bring it inside before trick or treaters arrive. Leaving it outside is an invitation for someone to steal it.  Likewise, make sure to bring in the mail from the mailbox as pranksters could attempt to vandalize the mailbox if it’s near the street.

6)    Know trick or treat hours
Knowing the exact times for trick or treaters to be around is very important for your home security.  Only open your door to strangers during those hours.  If your doorbell rings after trick or treating has ended, it may not be a child in a costume, but a possible intruder instead.

7)    Keep your door locked
Even though you’ll be opening and closing your door often during trick or treating times, it’s best to lock your door. This keeps that extra layer of security available in case someone arrives that you don’t want to let in.  It also prevents any unwanted visitors from simply opening the door and walking in.

8)    Security when away
You might be away when trick or treaters are coming to your door. Traditionally lights are turned off on the porch and home to indicate you aren’t handing out candy.  But leaving all your lights off can alert an intruder that you aren’t home.  If you’ll be away during this time, turn on your security system and any light timers you might have.  Occasional movement of lights will give the impression that someone is home and burglars will be less likely to target your house.

9)    Clean up the yard
To protect everyone that will be walking on your property, be courteous and pick up any leaves or toys that might be on the sidewalks or lawn.  Children and adults won’t be able to see well in the dark and might accidentally trip or not be able to find a clear path to your door.

10) Common sense
Above all, make sure to use common sense and judgment during Halloween.  You know your property and neighborhood best.  Enjoy this fun fall holiday while keeping you and your home secure!


About the Author:

Lauren Ventosa is the owner and blogger at She’s passionate about helping people create a safe home that promotes peace of mind.  As a graduate of Franciscan University with a degree in communication & multimedia, she loves using the internet as an effective medium for enhancing lives through blogging.