Guest Post - Providing Safety For Valuables During Natural Disasters

Guest Post - Providing Safety For Valuables During Natural Disasters

Guest Post - Providing Safety For Valuables During Natural Disasters

Providing safety for valuables during natural disasters

When every minute counts, there is no way to look for valuable under a bed, on shelves, in locked safes because it can cost you your life. Actually, locked safes can let you down because in a stressful situation you may forget a combination of numbers or if you have a safe with fingerprint recognition, it may fail. All this wastes your precious time. Imagine a situation when you do not have time to run around your flooded and burning house looking for significant papers. You must be smart and prepared for a disaster strike at any moment.

Natural disasters are the biggest enemies for us people. We can never predict how bad the weather condition will be. Not everyone had an experience dealing with stress and loss during natural disasters. However, some people who experienced natural disasters a few times can share effective tips hot to save your life, your family's life and save the most important things that are difficult to restore.

Storms, hurricanes, and floods definitely damage not only poles and trees but sometimes destroy houses and leave people without a roof over their heads. For people who live in certain areas in the world like Louisiana or Florida states in the US are very vulnerable to hurricanes while North Carolina and Massachusetts states are at a high risk of floods.

Why is keeping valuables safe during natural disasters important?

“There are two reasons why you need to protect the documents: firstly, because you will need them when making the claim (provided that your home is insured against natural disasters, of course) and secondly to save you the trouble of going through all the formalities for getting new documents, as this can take months and cost you a small fortune.” Read more here and find out the list of documents that you need to take care of to get prepared for any natural disaster.

Apart from strong wind and excess of water, there is also a possibility of fire or earthquake that endanger people's life. However, there is always a hope to survive if you know how to behave in different situations. The Internet is full of tips and instructions regarding each natural disaster. If you learn these tips yourself, educate your children, and follow instructions that will help you to protect your house, save water and fool, and get electricity, then you will have a good chance to be left safe and sound.

However, there are things like passports, credit cards, birth certificates, driving license, and family heirlooms that can be easily damaged by water, get burn in fire within a few seconds, and get blown away. A lot of people keep valuables in book safes, however, such storage will unlikely protect your passport.

“People don't realize how meaningful their things are until they're gone. Even if nobody else would think that your favorite photo or your grandma's gumbo recipe is significant," says Foley, "the things you love can help you heal and move forward.” Read more here.

Items for safe storing of your valuables

Review some examples of reliable and effective fireproof and waterproof document bag products. There is a wide choice of bags, folders, safes that are made of special material to protect your valuable from lost and damage. The choice of affordable and super effective cases for the most important documents can be purchased on the Internet. Depending on what documents you want to protect, choose the size of a bag or case.

Take a look at the list of features such products offer:

  • Waterproof (up to 48 hours protection in water)
  • Fireproof (up to 60 minutes protection in fire)
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Some safes come with lock that provides a great protection from burglars
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Some safes have handles

Apart from documents, such folders and cases securely keep jewelry, coins, and keys. Fire resistant and waterproof cases are the best purchases that will not get you into troubles. You will not have to order a new passport or a credit card or try to restore family heirloom after a natural disaster. Usually, such cases are lightweight and can be easily carried. So, you can take it and leave your house or office immediately.


Of course, the list of the most important documents that need to be stored securely and be at the lowest risk of damage in case of a natural disaster is different for everyone. For the majority of people, it is a passport, for someone CDs, DVDs, and USBs, for other people gold coins, while other will worry about losing old letters and photos. Collect those documents that will give you a hard time with the insurance claims and purchase a special bag, folder or a case where the valuables will be stored and remain in a perfect condition even after a flood or fire

Find out how to prepare for a natural disaster whether you are at home or traveling here. Knowing basic rules and remembering tips will help you to save your life. In the end, this is the most important what you should take care of.

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