Making Your Time Worth-having with Your Pet at Home

Making Your Time Worth-having with Your Pet at Home

Making Your Time Worth-having with Your Pet at Home

Are you one of those lucky and caring people who have pets?

Do you also wish to have some quality time with your pet at home?

To no wonder, not only you, but everyone would count it as a superb way to have some hunky dory time with their pet at home whenever they feel like burdened, or want to have an escape from their tiring and depressing routine.

Pets are sweet animals which are almost always ready to give their attention to you whenever you call them up. Really sweet of them! But it can get a little tricky at times to handle them and understand what actually they want from you which can be frustrating. So in this blog, we are going to help make you have some joyous time with your pets, especially being at home. We will be giving you a few tips and tricks that will make you bond well with your pet and make your time with them worth-having. Let us first see why we should have pets at home:

Why Have Pets?

Pets don’t want anything from you, demand for nothing, love you for nothing in return and live the way you make them live. Not only because pets are pleasant creatures to have some time with; you should have them because there are many benefits of having pets too.

Pets welcome you with excitement and energy when you reach home. That brings a wide smile on your face, whatsoever you have been facing throughout the day.

Owning and managing pets teach you lessons of responsibility and time management as well. You might show carelessness for humans, thinking that they could do their chores themselves. But for animals, the case is different. The sentiment of knowing that they are totally up to you, you never be ignorant and fulfil your responsibilities towards them.

Having a walk with your dog or cat will keep you healthy and active. Pets, especially dogs provide with an added advantage of security out in the town, and at home as well.

A study has shown that people with pets have less visits to doctors (Aust Social Monitor 2002)

You are never lonely having pets at home.

For the above ones, and may be tens of more reasons, having pets will only benefit you in one way or another.

Make Your Time with Your Pet Absolutely Delightful

Pets are animals after all, they need you to understand them. In order to have a cheerful time with them, some simple things can really help.

Don’t Be Distracted When Dealing with Them

There are tens of tasks we are doing at home all the day. We kind of pretend to be playing or dealing with our pet sometimes, but in reality are having out attention probably towards the television, or the food being cooked in the kitchen or may be something else. That disheartens a pet and impact our time with them not only the very moment, but for future as well. Be honest to your pet and give true attention to them while doing their chores or playing a random game with them. It increases the quality of the time and lets you feel the real happiness and brings smile out on your face.

Leverage It Do the Crazy Stuff Sometimes

Pets want to do things that you might not like them to, like a cat scratching your hand or a dog licking your laptop. You ought to be flexible to such things sometimes, and let them do their crazy stuff freely, unless it causes a big loss obviously. Your pet would love this liberty and feel more affected to you. You would feel otherwise, if you will stop it doing that. That will not be a good feeling to your pet or to you either in the end.

Talk to Your Pets

Pets love hearing from you. And to you, it would definitely be satisfying to have all the words from your heart with your pet. Talking to pets makes them feel closer to you and they tend to care for you even more. It has a positive effect on your bonding with your pet and enhances your understanding with them.

Don’t Let Anyone from the Family Miss Out

Surely no time is completely satisfying if even a single member of the family is missing out. Making sure everyone involves when you play or have a time full of energy with your pet at home will increase the essence of joy in it. A family will rightly extract the true entertainment if they are all put together with their pet at the right time.

Choose the Right Time

Pets do have emotions. They cannot only be loving and caring, but angry, rude and frustrated too. Don’t expect your pets to be the same all the time. This is a fact that you might want them to entertain you sometime and they be very reluctant and frustrated. This is the way the living creatures are. Therefore, you must know when they should not be asked for such a favor or having some time with you. Include such exceptions to the list of dos and don’ts with your pet, so that you don’t experience a damaging time to the overall relation you have with your pet.

Never Be Ignorant about Their Medical Issues

Animals due to many reasons are more prone to diseases than humans. Diseases like feline leukemia, hypoglycemia, stomatitis etc. in cats and pancreatitis, diabetes, leptospirosis in dogs are a few of very commonly observed ones these days. We at times are completely unaware and our pet is feeling extreme pain inside. Here are some statistics about some of the fatal diseases in animals:

85% of the cats with feline leukemia cannot survive more than 3 years of contracting it.

There has been an increase of 32% and 16% in canine and feline diabetes since 2011 respectively.

It’s been more than 100 years leptospirosis has been reported in the US, and it is still on the rise.

Rabies in cats was found to be 4 times more than in dogs in 2014 because cat owners would visit a veterinarian’s office less often than those who own dogs.

You, as pet owners must never be ignorant about your pet’s medical issues. See a veterinarian immediately if you observe anything unusual with the pet. An unhealthy pet can never give the desired level of attention or joy out of your time with it.

Author Bio:

My name is Alice Jacob and I am a professional writer who has been working with clients from diverse backgrounds ranging from individuals to corporates for their writing needs. I love to write about pets especially in the domain of their medical issues like diabetes, feline leukemia, etc. Writing gives me immense satisfaction as a job, hence I put my full heart in every piece of writing I make.