Leveraging Your S6 Titan Security System

Leveraging Your S6 Titan Security System

Leveraging Your S6 Titan Security System

We've been hearing lots of great things about our new S6 Titan Security System from customers like you! Now, in this week's blog post, we'll go into detail in the advanced features of the S6 Titan, and show you how you can fully utilize the features of your system to find even more peace of mind.

Set up notifications with backups

Did you know that the S6 Titan has 3 different methods it can use to contact you remotely in the event of an alarm? The S6 Titan main panel can use any / all of the following methods:

If one of these methods is interrupted or doesn't work, then the system will still be able to reach you using these other methods as well! We recommend using as many methods as possible to connect your security system.

The WiFi service and the landline service are free! There are no charges from Fortress Security Store for those. If you would like to use the Fortress SIM Card service (for US customers only), that is only $7.99 per month for 100 minutes per month! Additional minutes are 8 cents each. Some customers also use third-party GSM SIM cards, which would also work. In those cases, the billing and the support for those SIM cards would be handled by the third-party provider.

Customize your settings

There are a number of great customizations that you can make to your system, like the following:

  • Custom "Entry Delay" per sensor
  • Optional "Chime" feature
  • Optional "Ready to Arm" per door sensor
  • Optional "Auto Arm / Disarm" feature
  • Volume settings


Entry Delay

If you don't use our remote key fobs or the free mobile app to disarm the system, you can also disarm it at the panel directly. If you need to add a delay time to give you time to walk to the main panel and enter your password, you can do so by programming an Entry Delay for one or more of your sensors. When the Entry Delay is enabled, the alarm won't trigger as long as you disarm the system before the timer counts down to zero.

Door Chime / Announce

You can enable the Chime feature on one or more door / window sensors in the system. If enabled, then when a door or window is opened while the system is disarmed, then the system will announce whichever zone number was opened. If the system is armed, then the sensors will still trigger the alarm, like usual.

Ready to Arm Feature

The Ready to Arm feature will remind you if any doors or windows are propped open at the time when you arm your system. This feature can also be enabled or disabled for each individual door / window sensor. We've also made improvements over the Ready to Arm feature that was available in our previous systems. Now, even though the system will notify you of a door or window that is propped open, that will no longer prevent the system from successfully arming!

Auto Arm / Disarm

The Auto Arm / Disarm feature is just like it sounds! It allows you to set a repeating weekly schedule where the system will arm and disarm itself at different times and different days of the week. You can also check the Arm / Disarm History in the logs at any time.

Volume Settings

In addition to any sirens your system may have, the main panel has a siren built-in. You can turn this siren on or off in the panel's volume settings. You'll also see a volume setting to adjust the volume of the voice in the panel.

Add one or more accessories to increase your system's abilities

You may already know that, in addition to any accessories that come bundled in our pre-packaged kits, you can also purchase other accessories that can increase the functionality of the system. For example, you may be happy to learn that we have all of these other sensors and accessories available to add to the system:



Last but certainly not least, you can check out these helpful videos to assist you in getting started with your S6 Titan Security System!

Did you find this blog post helpful? Do you have any other questions or comments about your new S6 Titan Security System? Let us know in the comments!