Guest Post - Keeping Your Home Secure During Renovations

Guest Post - Keeping Your Home Secure During Renovations

Guest Post - Keeping Your Home Secure During Renovations

You may already have a fantastic security system in your home, or you may be moving towards a more secure property, but if you’re renovating your home you may find yourself exposed in the process.

Renovations can be a fantastic way to help your home meet your dream expectations. But working on a home can sometimes be stressful. It comes with a lot of factors to juggle and the last thing you want is to be exposed to crime during this period. During renovations, not only are there many people moving in and out of your home, but there’s also the potential for breaches in infrastructure to be present.

During this time your home may be susceptible to crime or other activity that you wouldn’t usually be at risk to.

Remember, your home security is only as secure as its weakest link. During renovations you may find yourself with unfamiliar entrances or exposed points that can lack proper security.

Construction work will require various individuals entering your home from dusk to dawn, many of whom you will be unfamiliar with. Whether you’re on site or not you need to ensure that you protect your home from theft and other activity.

While it’s the builder's responsibility to make certain that a site is kept safe while they’re working on it, you shouldn’t make the risk of putting your valuables into a stranger's hands.

For the most part, you should have the mindset of “if it’s of value, it should be removed."" While this is possible in most cases, there are a few things which cannot be taken with you easily. Here are a few steps you should take to maximize your home security during renovations:

  • Temporarily board up windows and doorways which are exposed. You can use timber boarding that builders easily remove once the process is over. This will keep out any undesirable people while builders aren’t on site.
  • Utilize your neighborhood watch. Neighbors will be happy to keep an eye out for you during this time. Ask for their assistance in keeping your home safe.
  • Purchase a lock box. This can be used to keep tools and other valuable possessions locked away securely overnight or on weekends. Keeping valuables out of harm's way is the best way to deter thieves.
  • Take extra steps if you feel uncomfortable with the situation. If you believe your home is at risk you may wish to invest in equipment such as security cameras or flood lights to add some extra ammunition to your security system.

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Hunny Sharma
Security enthusiast for Redline ( and freelance writer based in New Zealand.