Introducing the S6 Titan 3G WiFi Security System!

Introducing the S6 Titan 3G WiFi Security System!

Introducing the S6 Titan 3G WiFi Security System!

We're excited to announce our newest security system, the S6 Titan 3G WiFi Security System! The S6 Titan represents over a year and a half of hard work by our engineers, and the next generation of research and development from Fortress Security Store. The S6 Titan main panel is a natural evolution from the Total Security WiFi system, so current customers who are using that system will find that the S6 Titan will be vary familiar. Like the Total Security WiFi, the S6 Titan 3G WiFi is able to contact you remotely using several different methods - WiFi, 3G SIM card, and landline phone line*! Even better, the S6 Titan comes with loads of great improvements and new features! If you'd rather dive in to the online user manual directly, that's also a great place to learn about all the features of the system.

Check out all of these amazing new features of the S6 Titan (3G WiFi)!

  • Over-the-air firmware updates
    Unlike our previous security systems, the S6 Titan firmware in the main panel can be updated remotely by our manufacturers. What this means for you is that if an issue arises, there's a good chance we can fix the problem on the fly - you won't even need to replace your panel! Of course, we still have our 3-year hardware warranty in place, as well!

  • QR codes for easily adding accessories
    The process for adding an accessory to the system just got even easier! Use the free mobile app on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the accessory, then specify the settings you want for that accessory, and give it a name!

  • New and improved "My Fortress" mobile app
    We've designed a completley new mobile app! We think you'll be as happy with the improvements as we are!

  • Email notifications
    The S6 Titan Security System is able to send email alerts using a WiFi connection, or even using mobile data on a Fortress SIM card.

  • Call filtering
    The S6 Titan System only accepts calls from phone numbers that have already been programmed into its Contacts List - no more annoying spam callers and telemarketers interrupting your security system!

  • Each accessory has its own settings
    You can now mix and match lots of different kinds of sensors in a single zone. Each accessory has its own individual settings that don't affect the other accessories in that zone.

  • Improved "Ready To Arm" feature
    Ready To Arm still alerts you, but now it doesn't prevent the arming of the system - so if your door is open and you're away from home, you can still arm the system successfully! In addition, each contact sensor can now have Ready To Arm enabled or disabled individually!

  • Improved Central Monitoring (Contact ID / CID)
    The S6 Titan has been tested with more monitoring companies than our previous systems, and customers who are looking to use a system with central monitoring will find it easy to find a compatible monitoring company that works with the S6 Titan main panel. The best part is that Fortress Security Store plans to announce our own central monitoring service in the near future, as well!

  • US-based server with updated infrastructure
    We've moved our push notification server to a US-based cloud server, and we've made other improvements to our backend infrastructure that will make the system quick and responsive for all our customers!

  • Bugs fixed!
    Over time we had collected reports from customers that would indicate various issues to note with the Total Security WiFi system. We've worked hard to make sure that all of those bugs have been addressed and resolved in the S6 Titan Security System!

Get your S6 Titan Security System today and start enjoying even more peace of mind knowing that you're protected with the best of the best from Fortress Security Store.

* Note that Fortress Security Store also sells other version of the S6 Titan panel in other areas of the world, including the "S6 Titan 2G," the "S6 Titan 2G WiFi," the "S6 Titan 3G," and the "S6 Titan 3G WiFi." In the United States and Canada, we are exclusively offering the "S6 Titan 3G WiFi." (All versions of the system are able to work with a land line phone.)