Improving safety in the workplace

Improving safety in the workplace

Improving safety in the workplace

Improving safety in the workplace is an ongoing project for all businesses as we all want to provide our staff with the safest working environment. Although all companies want to improve health and safety at their premises it is not easy. You will need to stay on top of the procedures in your workplace and ensure that safety is at the forefront of everything that you do. In this article, we will explore several ways that will help aid you in improving safety at your place of work. So, get ready to become a health and safety expert today.

Ensure a health and safety plan is in place

A health and safety plan is essential in any workplace. Whether you work in an office or an industrial factory it is very important that you have identified all of the hazards present at your place of work. By putting a health and safety plan in place you can control and eliminate potential risks and hazards to prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents. At this point, you should make all of your employees aware of your health and safety plan and ensure that they are equipped with all of the relevant safety and personal protective equipment for their job. This shows to your employees that their safety is of great importance to you. So, along with improving the overall safety of your workplace, this also enables your staff to feel safer at work.

Carry out regular inspections with risk assessments

One of the main ways of improving safety in the workplace is by carrying out regular safety inspections and completing risk assessments. Regular inspections of your work premises will allow you to identify all of the hazards and potential risks on your site. Through this, you will also be able to identify any new hazards and therefore can prevent them from causing accidents in future. By completing regular risk assessments alongside this, you can minimize and eliminate the hazards present at your place of work. This will make your site a safer environment for your employees and will result in a better place for them to work. When carrying out inspections and risk assessments, you should consider contacting a registered health and safety executive to assist you with this. As they are qualified and have great knowledge of health & safety, they will be able to help you to identify all of the risks on your site.

Health and safety train all employees

As well as ensuring your employees are correctly trained to complete their role at work, it is also important to ensure that they are trained in health and safety at work. This should be a standard practice especially in labor-intensive jobs where the risk of injury is significantly higher. By training all employees in health and safety, your staff will be aware of your health and safety goals and you can strive towards these as a company. This will allow employers to make their workplace as safe as possible as everyone will know the health and safety standards. This will, in turn, lead to risks being minimized as health and safety will be transparent across your business.

Hold regular meetings to evaluate health and safety procedures

Health and safety should be just as important to your business as customer service and financial planning, so it is crucial that you hold regular meetings to evaluate your safety procedures. By holding regular meetings, employees can raise any safety concerns and can suggest improvements to your current procedures. This could, therefore, lead to accidents being prevented and avoided as you can eliminate any risks found by employees at the earliest opportunity. Holding regular meetings will also subsequently lead to employees feeling more valued, and also allows team leaders to find out about hazards they may have missed. Showing employees that you care about their safety will result in further gaining their trust.

Maintain health and safety records

Maintaining health and safety records is vital for improving safety in the workplace. Whether it is noting down incidents and injuries, inspections or training activities, it is important that all of these are documented and are kept on record. By keeping record of this you can refer back to your documents when completing future health and safety plans and risk assessments. This will make it easier for you to identify any trends in accidents or occurring risks at your workplace, so you can then work towards minimizing and eliminating the associated hazards. You should look to update these records regularly after any health and safety activity, to ensure there is visibility and transparency across your business.

Investigate any accidents at work

When your staff have been involved in accidents it is crucial that you investigate these incidents after they have taken place to avoid this in future. Once accidents have happened you should look into the hazard that was present and figure out how you can minimize the risk for your employees. Investigating incidents may be time-consuming, however, if you can identify the associated risk and lower the chances of injuries occurring, your working environment will become much safer for your employees. So, if you are not currently investigating accidents at your workplace, you should start now to improve safety in your workplace.

Now that we have provided you with ways to improve safety in the workplace, it is now over to you to implement these methods at your companies. Put your health and safety plan in place today and see how a safer environment could benefit your employees and business.

Bio: Connor Pugh has been a health and safety blogger for over 2 years. He focuses on writing workplace safety articles for a wide variety of businesses from storage companies to food factories.