How To Make Your Garage A Kid Safe Area?

How To Make Your Garage A Kid Safe Area?

How To Make Your Garage A Kid Safe Area?

When it comes to kids and garages you as a parent or guardian need to be very careful. Garages are generally a dangerous place with lots of pointy objects and dirt. It is no wonder that parents are advised to keep their kids away from the garage.

Though it does not always have to be this way. Think if you could transform the garage into a kid-friendly or safe place they can end up having a lot of fun when the weather is bad outside.

All you need is a bit of common sense

Now for starters, you will want to clean the garage and make sure that all of the pointy objects are out of reach. Plus, educate them about the basics of keeping themselves safe in the garage.

The six simple steps to transforming your garage into a kid-safe space-

Tell them not to play with the garage door

garage door

Most kids have already been told multiple times not to operate the door by themselves and not stand by the doorway while it is closing or opening. Also, make sure that they know not to climb on to the somewhat dangerous reinforcement struts.

Put hazardous material beyond their reach

To ensure that your kids aren’t able to get a hold of stuff that is dangerous store all dangerous substances in shelves or cabinets. We would further advise ensuring that all toxic items are stored in a locked cabinet.

Remove improvised stools


All ladders, boxes and other items they can use to reach for dangerous things should be removed. Also, there shouldn’t be any ropes dangling which kids grab on to.

Unplug all electrical items and store them away

Kids are curious, and so if they see something, they want to touch it. If it is a power tool for instance that can be dangerous. What is even more dangerous if it is plugged in. All cords should be wrapped up, so kids aren’t able to grab them or pull stuff down from storage.

Shut all car doors

You never want to leave the car in the garage when the kids are busy playing after all they will damage your vehicle. Though if you have a double garage, you could leave it in there but make sure that the doors are locked so that kids can’t play in them and end up injuring themselves.

Children shouldn’t be left unsupervised


Regardless of if your kids are playing in the garden, or in the garage you never want them to be out of sight. Make sure you can always see them and are within reach.

Your Garage Door Should be Child Safe Too

If the garage door is old, i.e., older than five years old, it should be serviced. Ideally, it should be serviced every 18 months. If you think you need servicing or a tune-up call us today. We provide a comprehensive set of garage door related services.

Ran Keller is an experienced handyman who’s been working for Elite Garage Door Repair of Tacoma for 10 years. When he’s not fixing garage doors, he likes to share his repairment ideas and knowledge with others.