How to Keep Your Property Safe While Moving

How to Keep Your Property Safe While Moving

How to Keep Your Property Safe While Moving

Every year, about 40 million Americans move to a new home. That’s a lot of moving, which means there’s a lot of property being moved as well!

With so much property being moved every year, it’s important to make sure we are keeping those possessions safe and secure from thieves and damages.

Today, we wanted to talk about some ways you can keep your property safe while you’re making a move to a new location. We’ve worked together some of our best tips, hopefully you find them helpful!

Take Count Before You Move


First and foremost, take count and create an inventory sheet of all of your personal belongings. Create two columns on this list – packed and unpacked.

Once you pack an item for moving, check the packed column for that item. After unpacking the item, check the unpacked column. This will allow you to see what items were lost during moving, if any.

Take precaution – keep your inventory list safely on your body at all times so nobody can see what all you’re moving. If anybody with ill intent were to find your home inventory, they would know which items of value to look for.

Keep Important Items with You

When moving, there’s a chance you’ll have most of your items in a moving truck or portable storage unit. There’s a chance these trucks may be out overnight, especially if you’re moving far away.

In these cases, make sure to keep highly important property and valuables on you at all times. If you are temporarily staying at a hotel during your move, bring all important documents, electronics, and other items of value with you into your hotel.

If your move is just a short drive, bring these valuables with you in your personal vehicle, moving them inside as soon as you get to your new home.

This also means not leaving these items in your car overnight – doing so may attract criminals to not only damage your car from breaking in, but also attract them to steal your most precious property.

Install a Security System Prior to Moving


Making sure your new home is secure before you move is a great way to ensure your property will stay protected as you move it into your new home over several hours or days.

Using a system like the SO3 WiFi Security System will give you the peace of mind that your new home is secured, even while you’re away picking up the rest of your property.

Other ways to increase home security while moving is to install security cameras at all entry points of your new and old home.

Marking your Boxes

Moving Boxes

When you mark your boxes for your move, make sure to not write what items are inside on the outside of the box. Some safer solutions would be to label each box by room, or color code the boxes by room.

Labeling directly by room would make your move easier. You would be able to recognize quickly which boxes belong where.

However, by color coding your boxes, you can further secure your belongings. A general passerby would not be able to distinguish which boxes contain what nor what room they belong to.

Purchase Insurance

There are many insurance options on the market, allowing you to insure any lost, stolen, or damaged items of value.

With so many companies out there, it’s hard to recommend the best! Check your local area for companies that offer moving insurance and find out what all they cover and for what rate. You’ll be thankful for having the insurance in the case of stolen or damaged property.

Laura Easterling has been a locksmith in Denton, Texas for over 30 years. Her local shop has been offering locksmithing and home security solutions since she started her career, helping thousands of locals secure their homes and protect their property.