Home Automation for the Elderly

Home Automation for the Elderly

Home Automation for the Elderly

Home Security has been a staple importance for homeowners for as long as people have been buying their homes. This use to be the simple basics, such as armed protection or a guard dog, but every year Security systems get more advanced. With all these advancements it can be hard to keep up, and hard to find a system that is still easy to use for those of us who are not as tech savvy as the younger generations. Right now, one of the popular leaps in technology is security systems that are complete with Home Automation, but this can be really confusing for the Elderly or for those that are used to lower tech. Check out this article for some tips on how to use Home automation to protect your home easily and conveniently.

App Control- One of the best things to look for in a Smart Security system with home automation is an app-controlled system. In today’s technological age, we are all pretty use to using our phones for everything, we know all their little quirks and settings. If you have an app-controlled system there is no complicated coding needed or programming instructions, all the settings you could want are there for access on your smart phone. Plus, it gives you a convenient and free way to get notified when an alarm is triggered, check the current status of your system, or change any of the panel settings. You can also get notice whenever someone arms and disarms your system or look at the history. What is best is getting an app where you can set the system to arm/disarm automatically at certain times, this way it is a completely automated without needing your physical input.

Timers- A lot of what people like about home automation when it comes to home security, is giving the illusion that someone is home even when you are away. Typically, this is done through automated lights that turn on at different intervals at random, so it gives the illusion someone is walking around your house. This is a security feature that has been around for many years, but home automation has made this even easier. One option is to smart controls bulbs which can be controlled through an app, these are becoming very popular and have lots of great features. These can be a bit complicated to learn how to you use and set up, so an easier option is to get Smart Outlets that you can plug your lamps in to. These smart outlets can be controlled away from your house so you can turn the lights on even from halfway around the world! To make it even more convenient, you can set the smart outlets on a timer to go on at a certain time of the day, or even better several times through out the day. You can adjust the times, so it is a little different every day so that it doesn’t seem automated or like it is on a pattern.

Preprogrammed systems- With all the new accessories, options, programs, settings, and more; it can be very hard to just set up a system when you get it. This is where ordering a preprogrammed system can be a huge stress relief. Order a preprogrammed system from a company that knows what they are doing can save you hours of labor and ensure that the system is set up in the most efficient way. There are also some things that are new features that makes programming easier if you need to change anything in the future. This includes the app controlled we mentioned earlier as well as QR codes where you can simply scan and add the sensors in directly without having to go all around the house.

Wi-Fi- With security systems there are 2 very popular options, you can either have it professionally monitored or self-monitored. With a professionally monitored system, if the alarm is triggered you are going to get a call from a company asking if everything is ok. The downside to this is there is a monthly charge for the service. With a Self-Monitored system, it cuts out the middleman and contacts you directly. Typically, a security system will connect to a SIM card or to a phone line and it will use this as means of communication when the alarm is triggered. However, now there are systems that offer notifications through Wi-Fi. Using the same app that you are using for the app control you can get an alarm notification complete with the siren. And the best part? This is completely charge, there is no charge for the app or for the notification. This way the system still notifies you and you have the choice to act, but you are cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to yourself!

Alexa Compatible- Most people are trying to automate their whole home with systems that control every aspect of their home, such as the thermostat, lights, and more! Your security system can now be added to the list of items you can control through your Alexa. Without needing to touch any buttons or carry around a remote, you can simply just say "Alexa, tell my Fortress to arm" and the system will arm, what could be easier than that! This give you the ability to control every aspect of your home from one single, central device. This is home automation as it was meant to be!

At any age technology can be confusing and hard to keep up with, and for elderly customers especially it can make finding the right system even harder. The most important thing to remember when picking out a system is to find a company with great customer support. Even the easiest to use systems have their quirks or things that maybe a little confusing, and it helps to know that no matter the issue someone is there to help you out. It is even better if you can find a company that offers resources for you to be able to learn more about the system at your convenience. This includes videos, support articles, FAQ’s, anything with a good source of information so you don’t get stuck! Do your research, take your time and make sure you find the absolute best system for you!