Guest Post - Five Home Security Tips You've Never Thought Of

Guest Post - Five Home Security Tips You've Never Thought Of

Guest Post - Five Home Security Tips You've Never Thought Of

Home is your safe haven, a place where you can feel comfortable and secure, and you wouldn’t want to compromise the security you feel in your home. Therefore, whether you are an amateur or an experienced defense guru (or even a kung Fu expert on a lighter note), the best way to prepare against burglary is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The dilemma is that no matter how cautious and observant you are, professional thieves always have a way of getting across. Now the question is what to do?

1. Keep Your Home Well-Lit

The exterior of your home should be well lit as it’s all about visibility. This will keep the burglar away as they try to hide themselves in the darkness of the night. Place yard lights at both the front and back, as well as the side. To be cost effective you can use solar lights or even motion lights around doorways. They can be used as they turn on when a person walks up to the door. Also, interiors should have light timers that set timings for the light. This is to show that the home isn’t vacant.

2. Install a home alarm system

While deciding a home security package you can consider various devices like contact sensor for windows and doors, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, indoor/outdoor sirens, and et cetera. If you are wondering how you will afford it, we have good news! With Fortress Security Store, you can have a package of your own choice. The best part is that there is no installation or monitoring cost required.

3. Reinforce your door frame and secure it with multiple locking mechanisms

The most important thing to remember is no matter how many locking mechanisms you put on, the effort will go in vain if the door frame doesn’t have enough strength to withstand force. Because a heavy built individual can easily knock down a door by hitting with his shoulder. Therefore, invest in a door that’s difficult to breach.

4. Use a panic alarm

Burglars usually hate noises. Therefore, keep the panic button with you especially during the night when you’re about to sleep. If you sense any threat just press the panic alarm button and the alarm will trigger immediately, causing the connected sirens to scare off any intruders.

5. Use the kitchen or attic to hide your valuables

When burglars break in, their first thought goes towards the master bedroom to steal from, as mostly people keep expensive jewellery or money there. The kitchen is known to be the last place people thinking of hiding things. This can be done very easily. Take your gold jewellery with its box and put it inside the cereal box place it in the kitchen cupboard like other items.

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