5 Factors Shaping the Future of Work in 2020 and Beyond

5 Factors Shaping the Future of Work in 2020 and Beyond

5 Factors Shaping the Future of Work in 2020 and Beyond


If we compare an average workplace just 20 years ago and now, the difference in all aspects from equipment to daily employee routine would be overwhelming. Since the expansion of the internet, the world started to change at an ever-increasing pace, which allowed faster and more significant changes in the way we handle everything. Nowadays, important updates that tilt us from our common daily path appear at least once a year.

When it comes to the way people are doing business, one thing is certain, the online environment will stay the main market arena for a long time. However, with technological advancements come also cultural and psychological changes induced by the digital revolution. Which factors are going to make the most significant impact on the future of work in the years ahead of us? That’s what we are going to reveal in this article!

Social media culture

It’s really difficult to say where we’re going to land with this one, that’s for sure. Starting with the necessity to make your presence on at least one major social media platform, businesses now focus most of their attention to Facebook and Instagram audience. Furthermore, employees expect their work providers to allow access to social media websites or keep an open Wi-Fi network to log in using personal devices.

Taking “selfies” in the office is considered a norm in many companies, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the workflow. Also, social media accounts serve as an extended customer support service, where customers can contact brands within their comfort zone and seamlessly.

Intelligent software

Artificial Intelligence is advancing in more directions than most of us had initially hoped. The benefits and ways to use AI to improve virtually any aspect of our daily activities seem indefinite. From the aspect of work, bulks of our mundane tasks are now performed by software tools, some driven by AI others just using smart technology and IoT.

During the industrial revolution, people were afraid that machines will completely take over the workforce and we still see traces of intimidation in front of machine learning development. The truth is that new tech always generates new jobs, one way or another.

Social changes

On a global scale, our society has become less tolerant and more inclusive. This means we no longer accept to live with different people, we choose to live among each other. Nowadays, the legislature supports business owners to hire members of our society that had issues with finding work due to an illness or a disability. This causes significant changes in the workplace, creates new jobs, and changes the way we plan and organize work.

Remote work

The internet is faster and more reliable than ever, which makes it a perfect online job opportunity for many people, mainly those living in developing countries where their skills are underpaid compared to the western market.

Take college life as an example, students nowadays have a diverse choice of online help agencies that provide assignment help. Moreover, some of the best essay services hire remote workers, many of which are also students or freshly graduated. This way, businesses can reduce their operating expenses and provide a more affordable service to their clients at the same level of quality.

Green initiative

It looks as if we're finally made a consensus on preserving our planet and its resources, at least on the most fundamental basis. Sustainable building development shapes eco-friendly workplaces that dismiss any environmentally harmful practice. When we look into the future of work, we'll see significantly cleaner and cheaper operations on all levels of the work process.

This goes beyond the office space, we can soon expect electric delivery vehicles as an industry standard, reusable materials in higher demand than ever, and energy-efficient hardware across industries.


We can only guess, based on current trends, how will the future of work look like two decades from now. What we can say with certainty that we'll have less menial work, a more active and engaging working environment, and a lot more fun during work. Furthermore, we'll also be more aware of our planet and the people around us. We hope this article will help you get a bit clearer image of the future and plan your steps following the pace of the world.


Liam Catalan has been working as a self-employed copywriter for 5 years. Also, he was an editor at the University of Melbourne newspaper. During his college career, Liam produced content for some of the best paper writing service agencies online. He is an expert in topics as traveling, writing, business, and gaming.