Efficient home security - Using the latest security cameras

Efficient home security - Using the latest security cameras

Efficient home security - Using the latest security cameras

Home security is a hot topic in the surveillance industry, day in and out, a lot of people are working for the same cause, they tend to focus on some new technologies which will be helpful in surveillance. Till now we have got a number of advancements in home surveillance.

In market there are several home security tools and cameras, which can help you in increasing the life of your security.

We all are living in a world where you can imagine anything and within a few years it will come true. Same goes for the home security we have started with analog security systems, and thought that they are more than enough for our security, now we have got various security cameras.

Home security depends upon the tools used, there are several security cameras available in the market for home security. All of them are good but the consumers must decide which will be best for their location and budget.

Let us first look at the technologies and features available for the security cameras

Available technologies & features of latest surveillance systems

Weather protection

Security cameras require this for outdoor surveillance, your security camera is useless if you are unable to use it during storms when there are chances of burglars to break in.

Advanced security cameras have got IP66 and IP67 technologies for protecting the sensors and lens of security cameras.

Infrared lights

These lights are used for night vision, without proper night vision, your home surveillance will be incomplete. You will be at risk then, liable of robbers and thieves breaking into your house.

LED and IR lights have made the night vision possible otherwise security cameras would not have been an option to rely on.

Motion detection sensors

In most security camera there are PIR sensors which can help in finding out the least and minimum motion. This is essentially what will you feel if your bodyguard will not tell you about some suspicious movements.

The same goes for the home surveillance, you ought to know what is happening in your subject area. Otherwise, you will be in utter oblivion.

Motion detection sensors

Application control and remote access

Advanced security cameras have got application control to keep you updated, you can change the settings of your security camera whenever you want, it does not matter if you are sitting in your home or outside. Within seconds you can change your security cameras setting according to your need.

Cloud storage

Now you can store as much as you want. You ought not to worry about changing your local storage devices now and then. Your security camera will record various video clips and will send them up and store them automatically in your cloud storage.

Two-way audio

Your security camera can work like an intercom, no matter if you are home or away if someone was at the door the camera will tell you and you can simply turn the two-way audio system on.

Types of security cameras for home surveillance.


Security cameras are in various shapes, sizes and types. You ought to be very picky here because your need is going to decide which technology is going to suit you the most.

1. Wired security cameras

These security cameras are the eldest ones. Wired security cameras perform very reliable functions if you need a security camera system having more than four or five security cameras.

Wired security systems, work with large DVR or VCR. It means that you can store as much as you want.

They are not easy to install but if you are living at a permanent place, or you have just made your house, office or any important place, you can think of a wired security camera system.

Wired security cameras will provide unlimited power supply without any kind of interruptions, if you live in a developed country where there are very rare chances of power outages then you can look for wired security cameras.

They have got the best systems for power supply, you just need to mount these cameras anywhere there is the power supply and you are ready to enjoy as much security as possible.

Wired security cameras as IP security cameras

You will need an internet connection if your wired security camera is a sort of IP security camera. you will have to make a local interface for keeping your data and recordings safe, however at the same time these recordings will be kept in the hard disk drive, you can keep a check on the settings such as night vision and motion detection.

Wired security cameras are safe because you have got a large storage option, you can change the hard disk drive because it is an external drive. They come in various sizes, most of them have got video compressors within them which will help you store more data.

POE wired security cameras

These are like IP security cameras, but a single wire will be enough for operating these security cameras. You just must plug them with a wire which will serve as both the internet and power.

2. Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras refer to those security cams which do not need a wired internet connection.

You only need to mount these security cameras somewhere there is electricity supply, you are ready to use your security camera system.

These cameras are also available in systems, you will need an NVR system to record the data from every security camera.

They do not work with DVR devices, wireless security cameras are a bit affordable because you do not have to use extra wires for connecting it.

3. Wire-free security cameras

These are battery-powered security cameras which do not need any kind of power assistance, rechargeable batteries are the sole source of power.

These are the most advanced form of security cameras, mostly battery-powered security cameras has got very advanced features.

These security cameras can be solar-powered, which means that there will be solar panels along with these security cameras. For supplying energy to the batteries, thus an unlimited source of energy.

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