Conventional Security Systems v/s Modern Security Systems In Gated Community

Conventional Security Systems v/s Modern Security Systems In Gated Community

Conventional Security Systems v/s Modern Security Systems In Gated Community

A Gated community with modern systems has always been prone to fewer crime rates when compared to the communities following the conventional security method. These conventional methods might provide you with some security but during the long run, it becomes very difficult and ineffective. The modern systems are not only effective but also reliable, feasible and easy to use. Communities started using an apartment management system which helps them in managing the community tasks with one single application. Let's have a look at how the conventional methods in gated communities are now replaced with modern security systems with a guarantee of more security.

1. To Manage Visitors

Conventional method/system

Usage of pen and paper - The visitor is asked to write down the unnecessary details to enter the community. In this case, the resident is never notified about the visitor and hence there can be a chance of an unknown person to enter inside.

Usage of phone calls to confirm - Whenever there is a visitor at the gate, the security guard makes a phone call to the resident asking for approval. But in this case, the resident has to be physically present in the flat to approve his/her entry.

Modern security system

Scenario #1 - Known guests

1. The resident sends an invitation to the guest

2. The guest will receive a unique passcode

3. To enter the community the guest needs to show the code to the guard

Scenario #2 - Unannounced guests

1. When the guest arrives he fills in the details in the guard’s device

2. An approval request is sent to the resident

3. Residents act upon the notification

2. To Manage Staff/Workers

Conventional method/system

The conventional system uses pen and paper to track and monitor the in and out time of the workers. But sometimes the guard forgets to enter the out time and we never know if that particular worker has left or is still in the community. And it also gets difficult to track the attendance because of few workers who just sign and leave without entering. In this case, the resident is never notified.

Modern security system

The staff/daily help management feature lets you manage your workers in ease.

1. A separate unique ID is given to each worker

2. Photo based attendance

3. Easy to disengage with one click

3. Child Security

Conventional method/system

Whenever a kid exits the gate with or without the escort the guards don't really bother about the person the kid is going with. In such cases, the parents are never notified about it.

Modern security system

1 .Compulsory approval for kid’s exit

2. Notified via calls, SMS or notifications

3. If unapproved then the security guards can deny the exit of the kid

With the processes mentioned above, you can clearly understand how the new age systems are more secure when compared to the old conventional systems. People move into gated communities looking for security but if the systems are poor and ineffective then there’s no difference living in a gated community or a city. Make a smarter choice by choosing a modern system for your community.

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