Check out these 7 safety tips every realtor and landlord need to know

Check out these 7 safety tips every realtor and landlord need to know

Check out these 7 safety tips every realtor and landlord need to know

Check out these 7 safety tips every realtor and landlord need to know

Real estate agents interact and meet strangers regularly. It's part of their job and business. Cases of theft, mugging, and even murder at an open house keep on coming on media channels regularly. In most of them, the victim is either the landlord, agent, or a realtor. With the increase in such criminal activities, the safety of realtors has become a prime concern for the real estate industry.

To crack a deal, many a time real estate agent need to meet strangers in a completely unfamiliar environment. Hence safety and security of the relator become a primary concern.

In case you are a landlord or a realtor, you must ensure your safety well before meeting with your client. The three essential concepts that need your utmost attention are safety, situational awareness, and self-defense. The point is, landlord, as well as realtors, need to well aware of their surroundings and in case the situation turns against them, they should be capable of defending themselves.

Self-defense doesn't mean that you have to be a black belt in Karate. By following some simple tips, you can ensure your safety and security.

Most useful safety tips:

- Always meet with potential renters in a public place before showing them your rental home

Following the second meeting policy, is always advisable. This means showing property after the first meeting. It's better to conduct the first meeting in your office or at any public place. This would give you time to understand your clients and check their genuineness. A public place would ensure your safety. You can even ask your clients to bring the pre-approval letter. This will further ensure that they are interested in buying the property.

While meeting clients ask them for details like their full name, any identity proof, vehicle number, etc. If the client refuses to give the identity proof, it's better to end the meeting and try to leave premises asap. Identity proof and other background information of the client would help you register a complaint against the client, in case of any unfavorable situation.

- Develop and follow a fair and thorough screening process

Sometimes, under the pressure of achieving the targets, realtors overlook some steps of the screening process. Ry to avoid that. Always be extra careful while doing checks of the screening process. This way, you can check whether the client is genuine or not. It's advisable to show the property to the client after the completion of the screening process. This way, you can ensure your safety.

- Tenant safety in your rental property should be your utmost concern as a landlord

For any landlord, the safety of the tenant should be their primary concern. The landlord should check the property thoroughly before giving it on rent. For example, if there any loose wiring or connect, it's better to call the electrician and get them fixed.

The landlord should check the property from inside as well as outside. This includes checking of doors, look for any faulty wiring, clogged chimneys sloping floors, water damage in ceiling, floor or walls. By carrying out these investigations, you are not just creating a safe and secure environment for your tenant. But also save yourself from any lawsuits in case your landlord-tenant relationship becomes sour.

- Always let someone know when you are planning to show your property

If you are planning a meeting with the client at the property its always advisable to leave the details of meeting with your boss, colleague, spouse, or friend. Always keep someone updated with details such as time of the meeting, address of the property, personal details of the clients, etc. You can even use features such as sharing location, find my iPhone, etc. so, that someone can easily track your location.

- Check the doors to ensure that they open smoothly, and lock

A simple but crucial safety measure that would be very helpful during emergencies is to carry out prior checking of all the exit points. Before the meeting day, visit the location and be familiar with all the exit doors. Check that all the locks and doors are working smoothly.

While showing the house to the client, try to stay near the door. This way if you sense anything unusual, being closer to the door would be quite helpful.

- Try to communicate with your tenants and avoid providing them unpleasant surprises

If you want to have a healthy relationship with your tenant, talk to them. Listen to their issues and try to resolve them. Similarly, if you have not received rent on time or you are planning to increase the rent talk to your tenant, before taking any action. Always respect our tenant privacy and inform them before paying a visit.

- Make sure show rentals during the day - Not dark

Always plan the showing of the property during the daytime. This would not only help the client to see the property thoroughly but would also be quite safe for you.

Getting conversions is always good. But remember your safety comes first, and nothing can be more precious than your own life. So, be extra cautious and follow the safety measures, when you go on your next property showing meeting.

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