Guest Post - Campus Safety Tips

Guest Post - Campus Safety Tips

Guest Post - Campus Safety Tips

Campus Safety Tips

Well done! You got the grades you needed and you’re heading to college. You're on the right track for achieving a great education. Here you will gain more than that, you will meet new friends and experience an independant life. This is the start to building yourself up as an individual, free of curfews and chores. But wait, they were put in place for a reason. Over the next year or two you will learn more about life than you will education. You will learn, with independence comes responsibility. Lets help you make it through the year with these top tips on keeping you, your belongings and dorm room safe. Don’t just read, implement and take action.

Step 1 - Know your campus and area

Do your research! I know you’ve spent many hours researching the best bars, clubs and places to party, But that's off topic. Have you researched local crime statistics? Do you know what to statistically look out for? Are burglaries high? Is motor theft a problem? Without knowing your local data, you won’t know what to prepare for or what to be cautious of. Knowledge is power, and that's why you're going to college, right?

If you have the chance, take the time to visit with a family member of friend and go for a walk. You get to see so much more because of the slower pace, plus, it's good exercise. Learn the best and safest routes into town and to the shops. Also learn what areas to avoid.

Step 2 - Dorm security equipment

Choose what dorm security items you're going to take with you. When you get there you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to go shopping. A large percentage of thefts from dorms are at the beginning of term. So, prepare yourself. You’ll thank me later. 

Your campus will not let you get an electrician to change the wiring so you need to choose something portable but effective. You’re in luck. Fortress Security Store offers many wireless systems to help you in your time of need. Two of which I find perfect for the application of a dorm room.

  1. The cheapest option is the Fortress Guardian. This is a fantastic piece of kit perfectly sized for a 1 or 2 bed dorm room. This Mini alarm is so loud not only will the rooms on your floor hear it, but also the rest of the building.

  2. My favourite solution is the Fortress Eyesight. These types of cameras are not only highly functional but extremely effective. The eyesight is not only wifi connected and paired with a mobile app, but it also is comes with a built in siren. OK, In real terms, someone breaks into your room, you can program the camera to send you a notification, sound the siren or both. With all options you will be able to view live and recorded images and use the 2 way communication, warn them that they are on camera. How's that for Smart?

Step 3 - Dorm safety equipment

You won’t be surprised that with all the fun and games increases the chance of injury. Mostly small, but injuries nonetheless. Being prepared means not only can you have what you need, when you need it, but you may also be able to help your new friends, and reach hero status.

When choosing your kit choose a safety or emergency kit. You want it to have more than a few plasters, safety kits come with glow sticks, flashlights and a load of stuff that you're likely to never use, but, if you need it, you know where it is and it could even save your life.

Step 4 - Personal safety and security

At the beginning there is a chance that you will feel isolated until you make new friends and join groups. Kick it off from the start by joining a personal defense class. This is a great way to build new relationships, keep fit and also know how to handle yourself.

Carry a personal attack alarm or whistle. It will need to be easily accessible at all times because you don’t know when you may need it. 

Step 5 - Introduce yourself to the campus security team

Visit the campus security office. Introduce yourself and ask about programs and information about the campus and area. They will be helpful and have more knowledge than anyone else on the subject. It’s their job, and they are likely to live locally. Ask about the following.

  • Blue light emergency phone stations
  • Campus escort services
  • Safety maps with suggested secure routes
  • Support for a safety app like Campus Safe


Step 6 - Always lock your dorm

It only takes seconds to steal a laptop or phone and you don’t have eyes in the back of your head… Do you?

Locking your door is one of the easiest ways to keep your room and belongings safe. Although this won’t stop opportunists from walking around opening doors, it will stop them from opening yours. If you’re on the ground or 1st floor be sure to lock windows as well. Many a theft has taken place though this entry point. Store your electrical and valuable items out of sight as leaving it on display will only encourage a theft. Out of sight, out of mind.

Follow these steps and lower your chance of university being a bad experience. Be bold, be inspired and be you and I know you’ll be just fine. Take care, and be safe!


Author Bio

Edward Rupert Lock CEO of LockedHome

Before starting LockedHome I gained 13 years experience in the private security sector dealing with unimaginable crimes on a daily basis. My role was not only to receive and notify the authorities but to change, implement and improve technology and procedures. I know what works, I’ve tested it all.