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Activating Your Fortress SIM Card

Activating Your Fortress SIM Card

Activating Your Fortress SIM Card

If you have just received your new Fortress system with included SIM card, then you can activate the SIM card on our website directly!

Alternatively, if you just received a new Fortress SIM card for your existing system, you can insert the SIM card into the system and the follow the same steps, as well.

How Activation Works

1 - Check our coverage maps to ensure that you are within the service area (service is for US customers only).

2 - For a New-Style SIM Card, enter the last 6 characters under the bar code (5 numbers and 1 letter). For an Old-Style SIM Card, use the Act Fast Code.

3 - Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click "Activate." Clicking on the pop-up will open more information about the recurring service in a new browser tab or window. Click the "X" on this pop-up to be taken to the Shopping Cart.

4 - Login to the website with your email address and password (or Register and create a new account). If you don't remember your login information, you can click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on that page to recover your login information.

5 - Once you complete the order, you'll receive a confirmation email with your system's new phone number. (If you don't see this email right away, check your Junk Mail / Spam folder.) We recommend saving this number in your phone's contacts so that you can quickly see when your system is calling you. It may take up to 2 hours for the phone number to be generated and for the email to arrive in your inbox.

6 - Power cycle the main panel for your alarm system.
- Turn off the panel's power switch, and unplug the power cable.
- Wait 30 seconds with the main panel completely powered down.
- Plug the power cable back in, and then turn the panel's power switch back on.

7 - Your system's SIM card is now activated! You should see an icon on the screen of the alarm indicating bars of signal strength, and you can now begin testing and using the calling and texting features of the system.

If you have any difficulty with the process, or if you have any other questions, please contact our Support team directly. You can also refer to this article for more answers to common questions.