7 Tips For Better Home Security

7 Tips For Better Home Security

7 Tips For Better Home Security

Your home is a safe-haven that allows you and your family to relax in comfort and feel protected. However, the lack of protection of your house may attract thieves and compromises the security that you should feel at home. Hence, ensuring the security of your home should be the topmost priority for every individual.

Thieves and burglars lurk around the neighborhood for days before they attempt to break-in. In the process, they monitor every detail of your surroundings so that they can break-in quickly without getting caught. It is your responsibility to strive for better home security to protect our family and valuable possessions.

Here we provide seven tips that will help you upgrade your home security system so that you feel at ease in your very own sanctuary

Here are the 7 tips for better home security

Keep doors and windows locked

The most conventional method of securing your home is by ensuring that your doors and windows always remain locked during the night and when you are not at home.

Install window locks so that you can keep the windows open only a few inches at night. Get a suitable lock for sliding doors as they might come with a flimsy locking system.

Also, check the locks of your doors regularly and change them when required. If you have an automated smart lock system, then ensure to lock it using your smartphone. Garage doors provide easy access inside your home. Ensure that you keep the garage door locked even during the day.

Install a smart door camera

Installing a smart door camera allows you to interact with strangers and unwanted guests without having to open the door. This serves as a security measure to prevent strangers from entering your home.

The smart door camera is like a bell that notifies you when someone is at the door. It is an advanced improvisation of an audio bell that live streams the actions happening outside the front door of your home. The smart doorbell also allows two-way audio communication between the homeowner and visitor.

Install an automated home alarm system

Install an automated home alarm system to ensure home security, especially when you are away. It may not prevent thieves from breaking in, but it will activate the alarm that instantly notifies the police and neighbors.

Hence, it limits the time of the burglary and increases the chances of getting caught. The system can be connected and controlled by your smartphone.

Monitor your home using security cameras

Home security cameras allow you to monitor your home on your smartphone or tablet, even when you are away. Installing a camera inside and outside your home discourage thieves from breaking in.

Today, IP cameras come with motion sensors that send you a notification on your smartphone in case of any movement. Many security cameras also activate a fake alarm to scare away burglars.

Increase the lighting of your house

Ensure that your backyard or porch is well-lit to discourage thieves and burglars from lurking around. You can even use solar-lights, as they are energy-efficient. It improves the visibility of your house so that you can always keep an eye on your surroundings for any suspicious activity.

Motion-activated lights are intelligent solutions as they switch on automatically in case of any movement. The interior of your home should also have adequate lighting, even when you are away to prevent theft and robbery. Smart lighting ensures convenience as it enables you to set a timer and control the light from your smartphone.

Eliminate hiding places

Dark backyards with tall and dense bushes serve as the perfect hiding spot for thieves. These houses are always a target for theft. Hence, it is advised to keep your backyard well maintained.

Trim shrubs and bushes regularly to cut off the blind-spots around your house. It is better to have plants with thorns to keep burglars or lurkers away from your property. Also, keep your yard clean. Avoid leaving a ladder or tools outside as they can provide easy access inside your home.

Install a safe locker

Lastly, install a safe locker with a password operated locking system that is inaccessible due to lack of loopholes. It allows you to keep your valuables, including jewelry, money, and essential documents, like passports, protected.

Ensure that you install it in a hidden location, which may not be known to outsiders. Also, the safe should be heavy, water-resistant, and fire-proof.


The advancement of technology has led to the improvement of security solutions. Hence, it is essential to upgrade our home security so that we can live at ease. Here we have provided a guide to enhance your home security.

Follow the tips mentioned above to prevent potential thefts. The article will help you keep your valuables safe and secure. We now come to the end of this article. We hope this helps!


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