7 Important Security and Maintenance Inspections Within Your Property

7 Important Security and Maintenance Inspections Within Your Property

7 Important Security and Maintenance Inspections Within Your Property

Creating a safe atmosphere where your family can thrive and grow is a big priority. Though numerous severe safety hazards creep around an average home, most people opt to invest in systems that can handle these hazards in a safe way.

Make sure you are doing everything to keep your family safe and warm at home. Having an annual inspection in different areas within your property may help to improve the security of your property. Here are the maintenance inspections and systems that you should have or do within your property.

What you need to know about Radon Gas Mitigation Systems

Radon testing is the only way to tell if your house has a high level of radon. Radon is an odorless and radioactive gas produced by decaying uranium that can cause lung cancer over time. When radon gas moves into your house, it can pass directly through the pores in most concrete walls.

The worst entrance that radon gas can go through are the gaps in floors and walls. Most people least expect that leaks are coming from these small locations.

You can reduce the level of radon gas with these steps:

  • You can try sealing the concrete, although the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has found concrete sealers to be a temporary solution.
  • Covering the soil in crawl spaces with polyurethane plastic sheeting, and tightly attaching it to the walls.

It involves ventilating your house using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) piping to draw the radon gas up from the soil and out of your home.

The Importance of an effective Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is expected to help protect property and people. However, you can’t tell whether they are fully functional just by looking at them. Most system manufacturers recommend that you do annual testing and inspection after the initial installation.

Maintenance and inspection activities for a fire alarm system can be done in just three steps:

  • Check the battery for expiration date and corrosion.
  • Test the alarm sensors, such as smoke and flame detectors, to know whether if there are failure modes and re-installation requirements.
  • Coordinate with the fire department to test if they can receive the input to their system

Why you need a Home Security System

Another form of maintaining the security of your property is using an effective home security alarm system. A home security system needs maintenance to make sure whether it functions properly. It involves changing the batteries, inspecting the individual components, and ensuring all the different parts work effectively with each other.

While your central controller pad and monitoring service will help you to keep track of system performance. You should conduct your own weekly or monthly inspection as well. Besides, here is the checklist when conducting inspections:

  • Examine your lights
  • Inspect all the cameras
  • Test the control panel
  • Request for annual inspections
  • Perform additional safety checks
  • Weekly or monthly perimeter checks

An effective Water Plumbing System

Inspecting your plumbing system may help to keep your property safe from leakage or damage. A proper plumbing system doesn’t have any water leak. A water leak can cause excess bill or flood in the basement when it worst.

It is essential to always to look for the following when inspecting the water lines:

  • Water leaks in the shut-off valve
  • Water leaks in the joints
  • Dielectric union pipe fitting is installed to connect the copper pipes and galvanized

HVAC Systems

One of the best investments you can have in your house is the HVAC or (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. This system requires an annual inspection to ensure the energy efficient operation. A dirty and neglected HVAC equipment is the reason why the majority of the system fails.

You can conduct your HVAC system repairs and inspection manually. After that DIY HVAC system inspection, you may consider an annual service contract or maintenance to protect the home’s HVAC investment.

A Cozy Chimney or Fireplace

Another way to keep the security in your property is by inspecting your chimney or fireplace. Inspecting your fireplace or chimney isn’t a particularly difficult job, but it is a dirty task. Wear old but durable clothing, hat, a dust mask, and safety goggles will help clean your chimney or fireplace easily.

Check the firebox for loose joints and cracks as well as bricks and mortar if they’re damaged. Make sure the metal is still solid with no cracks, rust, and severe pitting. If your damper is in bad shape, you need to replace it. You might need a professional to replace it.

A Clean Gutter

Gutters are installed along a roof’s edge. A damaged or clogged gutter often fails to move the water away and can cause leakage and even structural damage. Inspect and clean out gutters annually to check if there are leaves that clog up the gutter.


Annual inspection or maintenance may help your property and your family to improve its security. If anything suspicious damage in your property, you can repair it so that no one of your family members may harm.

You can hire a professional to have annual maintenance for every system within your property. You can also conduct a DIY inspection for the system you think easy to repair or clean.

Author Bio: Louise Davis is a single mom with a 5-year-old daughter. When it comes to her child’s safety, she doesn’t even think twice of coming up with solutions. Aside from pest control services, she occasionally contacts radon mitigation contractors in Winnipeg MB. When she isn’t busy, Louise enjoys watching fashion shows on tv and going to the gym.