7 Expert Tips to Secure Your Home Before Travel

7 Expert Tips to Secure Your Home Before Travel

7 Expert Tips to Secure Your Home Before Travel

Now that the winter holidays are past us, everyone is looking forward to the summer season. It is the perfect time to travel with your family and friends and the weather is so nice and sunny. Summer is the official season for holidays, so most people book their trips in advance during summer months.

However, most trips last at least five days and you need to make sure that your home is secured while you are away. Burglars have found new ways of secretly entering a house, so you need key strategies to secure your home smartly.

Here are seven expert tips that will help you secure your home before travel and relax on your trip.

1. Lock the Doors and the Windows

You might think that this is common sense and everyone does it before going on a vacation. You will be amazed by how many people forget to lock the doors and the windows of their homes. Approximately 35% of burglars enter through unlocked windows. Burglars are becoming more and more inventive so you need to protect yourself the best you can.

Do not forget to lock all the windows and doors of your house before you leave. Even if the window is unlocked at an upper level, burglars will find a way to reach it and enter your home. The same goes for doors. No matter if it is the door of the terrace of your room balcony, lock them before you leave.

2. Lock up Valuable Assets

Those easy to grab things are the first to fall in the hand of thieves. The best thing you can do is to get a household safe and to not share the code. Lock there all the valuable things you have before you leave.

For example, you can put your jewelry, credit cards and other financial information that is confidential. Do not let any documents that would help someone steal your identity and lock them up in a safe.

3. Take Care of Your Security System

If you have some security cameras, make them obvious. Most burglars avoid houses that have a good security system and security cameras. Although most of them could just cover the security camera, some cameras can be hidden. It is better to be prepared for any situation, so make sure they work.

Talk with the company that helps you manage your security system and let them know that you are going on a vacation. Make sure that all your smoke detectors and cameras are well functioning.

4. Do Not Post Your Plans on Social Media

Social media has positive benefits as it helps you connect with people from all over the world. It also eases the communication process between you and your family and friends. But it also has negative consequences. Most people have the habit of posting everything they do online. Besides the fact that this prevents them from living the moment at its fullest, it is also the information they freely offer to thieves.

Nowadays, more and more burglars have fake accounts and follow people on social media. When they see that that person is traveling, it means that their home could be the next goal for robbing. Thieves do not want to risk, so they follow people on social media and target their house when they are gone. Post about your vacation after you return. Or, you can change your sharing privacy settings and share photos only with your close friends.

5. Leave a Car in the Driveway

The best thing you can do to prevent your house from being robbed is to not let signs that you are gone. Leaving your car in the driveway is a viable option. Former burglars say that seeing a car in the driveway is a sign that someone is home, so they will avoid choosing that house. If you go out of the city in your car, you can ask a neighbor to park his car in your place. Like this, there will always be a car in the driveway.

6. Take Care of Your Garage

Most thieves find inventive ways of robbing houses and using the garage door to enter the house is among the most common. A great tip would be to unplug the power to the automatic device of your garage door. Like this, burglars will not be able to open it with a universal remote. Also, lock the door from your garage that connects to your home.

7. Clear out the Mailbox

When someone does not pick his mails from the mailbox, it usually means that they are not home. And even if you did not leave any other clue that you are on vacation, burglars check everything. If you have a full mailbox, burglars may target your house.

So, you can ask a neighbor to clean your mailbox every day. Like this, burglars won’t know that you are not home. Also, you can put on hold your newspaper subscription.


Choose to protect your home with these seven expert tips. Do not let any clues that you are not home and ask a friend or a neighbor to park in your place, so there will always be a car in the driveway. Lock all your windows and doors and do not forget to unplug the power to your automatic garage door.

Lock all your valuable possessions in a household safe and make sure that your security system is functioning. Post beautiful moments from your vacation only after you return.

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