Guest Post - 7 Creative Hiding Locations for Your Valuables

Guest Post - 7 Creative Hiding Locations for Your Valuables

Guest Post - 7 Creative Hiding Locations for Your Valuables

What's the downside to owning valuables? Worrying that someone is going to steal them!

The more valuable an item, the more likely it is that someone wants to take it from you. That goes not just for large-ticket items like TVs and cars, but smaller items like jewelry, cash, and bonds. If you own valuable items, it's vital that you hide them from people who would want to steal them. The classic choice of a wall or floor safe or having a Home Security system is a great way to protect your whole home in addition to your valuables but what if you don't want to be predictable? How can you hide your valuables someplace people will never find them?

Hollow Out a Book

We're all familiar with that ol' "hollow book" trick of hiding money or valuables. However, the beauty of this hiding place is that you're the only one who knows which book it's in. If you've got a bookshelf, you may want to consider this method of hiding valuable items. Burglars will rarely think to look on your bookshelf, especially if that shelf isn't in your bedroom or office (where most people store valuables). Make it a book that looks innocuous, but one that your family/friends will never consider reading. 


Stash It In The Door

How can you hide your stash in the door? It's actually a lot simpler than you think!

First, use a drill bit to hollow out a hole one inch in diameter and 3-4 inches long. Cut a piece of metal pipe and solder a cap at one end. Use a screw cap at the other end. Insert your valuables (money, mostly) into the pipe and place the pipe inside the hole in your door. You can use a magnet to pull the pipe and your valuables out of the door in case you need them. NO ONE will ever think to look in your door for something valuable.  


Bury It

Burying your treasure may make you think of pirates, but why do you think they did it? Because it works, of course! No one has the time to dig up your yard to find whatever valuables you've buried.

If you have something you want to keep hidden and don't believe is safe in your home, consider storing it in an airtight box or container and burying it. You'll need a marker to let you know where it's buried. You should always be aware that heavy rains can cause a shift in the soil, so you need to check on your buried treasure regularly.

Bonus: Build yourself an underground cache. Dig a hole and line the walls with bricks. Put in your valuables and use a steel lid to cover it. Bury the cache, and your valuables will remain protected forever.


Conceal It In A Toy

If you have small items that you want to keep hidden from sight, consider using your children's toys. You can hollow out an action figure or cut open a Mr. Potato Head to use as a cache for your valuables.

Be warned: you need to be careful that the toy isn't accidentally borrowed by a friend or taken from its place on the child's shelf. Choose a toy they no longer use, or one that is broken or ragged. Keep it someplace where it's not within their reach or likely to be thrown out during cleaning. Very few burglars will ever go into your child's room, so there's almost no chance they'll find your clever hiding place.



Hide It In The Medicine Cabinet

An old aspirin bottle or a Vicks Vapo-Rub canister can make an epic hiding place. Some burglars will rummage through your medicine cabinet (looking for prescription drugs), so make sure your valuables are hidden in innocuous items they're highly unlikely to want. You can also hollow out an old brush and use it to store extra cash, credit cards, or items you're worried about losing.


Use An Old Fuse Box

Your house has at least one or two fuse boxes around, usually in the basement or attic. Installing an additional decoy fuse box someplace innocuous will provide you with the perfect place to hide valuables. For example, install it in the kitchen, underneath a cabinet, or behind a shelf. When a burglar sees it, they'll instinctively ignore it. Even if they want to shut off the power for the house, they'll usually look for the main circuit breaker. A small fuse box is an excellent place to conceal valuables!


Hide It In House Fixtures

Your home has lots of house fixtures: thermostats, electrical boxes, junction boxes, drains, air vents, and more. These are great hiding places for valuables, especially small items that can be tucked out of sight.

You may need to get a bit creative to protect your valuables. Instead of going with the classic safe or safety deposit box, you can store everything in places that no burglar would ever think to look. Less conventional may mean your valuables are safer.


Author Bio

Ashley Williamson is an architect and a traveler currently blogging for Twery’s, addicted to everything shiny. Ashley knows that the right jewelry pieces chosen at the right time can make all the difference.