Your house is your base; your fortress. As such, it needs the best kind of security you can afford for it. Now, of course, some people are more well-versed with home security than others. Some are absolute gurus when it comes to home defense while others are trying to figure out the basics. All the same, whatever your level of expertise on the matter, there is one main fact that will ensure your home has the best kind of protection against burglary and other forms of breaking and entering: prevention. It’s better to prevent it than have security measure for when the intruders are already in the house.

That said, even for the most well-defended homes, there will always be those times when intruders do find their way in. That is when the second level of defense gets initiated. When you’re in such a situation, you need to summon all of the tricks you can muster. Some of the best ones out there are actually pretty inexpensive and can be implemented by just about anyone. Moreover, they are pretty unusual and will leave you wondering why you never thought about them yourself.

You don’t have to go and spend your time in an actual fortress. You can keep your house pretty secure and protect both your valuables and your family using these simple tips:

1. Don’t be Obvious with the Alarm Keypad

Now, a common way to protect the home is to install a full digital home security system that comes complete with an alarm. That ought to scare away the burglars. The thing, however, is that most of the time, the alarm keypad in such systems is installed in the most obvious of places. Such as the front door or the back door or other common entrances. It’s done as a matter of convenience. However, that convenience can extend to the burglars since they’ll know where to look when they want to disable your alarm system. They can just come and spy on you as you key in the numbers on the keypad, memorizing the necessary numbers so they can come by and get into your house later on as if it were their own.

A burglar can also watch you from close by to see how often you engage the alarm before leaving the house, just so they can catch you that one time you’re off guard. The very first thing you should do is be observant yourself. Make sure you’re looking out to check if someone might be obviously spying on you when you’re engaging and disengaging an alarm system. Another thing is to have alarm keypads in less obvious places. So if you have on by the front door, you can also have one inside the master bedroom, so that you can act fast when the need arises.

2. Don’t be Obvious with your Valuables

While we’re on the subject of not being obvious with the places you keep things, let’s talk about valuables. Most people like to hide their valuables in the master bedroom, and so many burglars have learned to look in that place first. One of the things that make this work like a charm for burglars is that the master bedroom isn’t even hard to access.

What do you keep in the master bedroom? Cash? Jewelry? Electronics? Whatever it is, so long as it is of sufficient value to you, you should think of moving it elsewhere.

Take the laundry room, for example. That is the last place a burglar will think of looking when they’re ransacking the house in a hurry trying to find your valuables. You can even put it in your toddler’s bedroom. This can throw the burglar off and force them to give up, saving your valuables in the process.

Whatever you do, do not put your valuables in common places like under mattresses, in DVD cases, or in safes that are light enough to be carried away. Some burglars just don’t know when to call it quits, however, and won’t stop until they find something that they can take with them to show for all of their troubles. To deal with this kind of burglar, you can place some fake jewelry in your master bedroom by your bed in an obvious jewelry case. This can make the perfect decoy.

3. Don’t be Obvious with your Safe

Let’s take the subject of obviousness even further! Chances are you use a safe for your valuables. Of course, I shouldn’t have to emphasize the importance of investing in a high-quality safe that’s been bolted down. However, you can go even a step further to fool burglars: Have a light decoy safe with fake valuables in the obvious spots, such as the master bedroom, then have the real safe in a place the burglars would never think to search.

4. Dowell Rods are your Friends

Lots of homes today have sliding glass doors for aesthetic reasons. They are great for natural light getting into interior spaces, and they also afford you a great view of the outdoors.

The thing about sliding glass doors, however, is that they are not exactly the most secure of doors. A burglar that knows what he’s doing could easily lift the door from its tracks if it isn’t very well installed. That means you need to take measures to prevent this. For starters, make sure the sliding door is properly installed on its tracks so that it can’t be lifted off.

This is where dowel rods come in handy. You lodge the dowel rod between the wall and the door, and it will make it impossible for the burglar to slide it.

5. Live Fences

Let’s move away from the actual house and visit the fence for a while. Have you considered having a thorn bush for a fence? What better way to protect your home than with defenses that Mother Nature has been perfecting for millions of years? You can have trees, vines, and bushes that make it next to impossible for intruders to get into the compound. You can even have thorn bushes under the bedroom windows to make it hard to climb through without getting more than a few scratches. There are lots of live fences you can use to your advantage: The Oregon grape holly, climbing roses, the firethorn bush, and the honey locust, to name just a few.


As you can see, these are pretty easy to implement steps that anyone can take to beef up their home security. While no one would wish to have burglars in their home, these tips will increase the chances of you keeping your valuables when a burglar does get in.

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