5 Smart Home Technologies That You Should Try in 2020

5 Smart Home Technologies That You Should Try in 2020

5 Smart Home Technologies That You Should Try in 2020

We all use smart devices in our everyday lives. From the phone in our hand to the television in our drawing space, everything has turned smart. So, why wouldn't you turn our houses into a smart home, too? What's a smart home, you ask? Well, it is a home that uses the latest technologies for everything from security to basic management.

A nanny cam, a smartphone-controlled dishwasher, a crib that understands your needs - smart home gadgets are devices you don't know you need! Gone are the days when refurbishing the house meant only taking care of the decor or giving it a paint job. In today's houses, smart home devices are what make a house feel newer, safer, and more comfortable.

How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Implementing the ever upgrading smart home technology has become really easy now because everything is at your fingertips. Pick your favorite shopping site, and you're ready to go! But how will you pick the right products? Here's a list of the features that you need to look for at the time of buying smart home products. Check out our buying guide for smart home gadgets.

Voice Commands

One of the best things about smart home systems is that you can control them by giving vocal commands to the voice assistants. So, when you invest in smart home manager devices, make sure to check the voice control system so that you can get stuff done without lifting a finger.


Smart home electronics should be able to connect with various home automation gadgets without any problem. To make the most of them, you need to look for smart home devices that have excellent compatibility with related gadgets, so that together, they form the whole network.

Remote Access

Look for smart home systems that can be controlled remotely with the help of your smartphones. So, even when you are not at home, you can still control the thermostat or the security lock. All you need to do is to install the smart home app to control all the devices installed in your house.

Energy Efficiency

An essential feature of smart home devices should be their energy efficiency. If the devices send the numbers on your bill shooting up, then you'll soon regret the whole exercise. So, make sure to check the rating and if they have the power saver mode so that they save your bills when you're away.

Smart home controlling

5 Smart Home Technologies

Now you know what features you must look for in a smart home device. But what kind of smart home technologies can you implement in your house? Check out five types of the most popular and useful smart home gadgets.

Smart Electronics

These days, smart electronic devices are equipped to be controlled by automation technology. From smart lights to temperature control - smart home devices can easily make your home focused around convenience and everyday comfort. You can connect them to your smartphone for easy control.

Be it the heating and cooling systems on the thermostat, the lighting system all over the house, or the music system in your bedroom - everything that makes your home a place of comfort can be controlled from the comfort of your sofa. You may not need to use anything but voice commands.

Smart Home Security Systems

Let's face it - no matter what we do for the safety of our home and our loved ones, it never feels enough. So, a smart home security system might just put your mind to rest, knowing that you have the best of technology. To be honest, smart homes today are incomplete with smart security.

CCTV cameras, alarm systems, door entry with video bells, door locks - all these form a complete system so that you can monitor your home at all times, using nothing but your phone or computer. Security cameras and nanny cams allow you to record and view videos with sharp image quality.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Is your smart home really smart enough if it doesn't have high levels of kitchen intelligence? Thankfully, there are intelligent kitchen appliances that are going to make every kitchen experience enjoyable. Instant cooking pot, automatic stirrer, coffee maker, blender - everything has turned smart now!

When we say smart, we mean that they can all be connected by Wi-Fi. You can tell your voice assistant, like Alexa, to air-fry some lovely chicken wings for your sports night with friends or help you with recipes and measurements to stir up cocktails! Even a dishwasher can be a smart gadget.

Smart home systems

Smart Air Cleaners

We may not have any control over the air that our loved ones breathe outside the house, but we can definitely provide them with safe home air. There are plenty of devices that can help to cleanse the air. All these have gone smart now. So, there's an increasing demand for smart home air purifiers.

Besides air cleaners, there are air conditioners and dehumidifiers. These can control the temperature levels and humidity throughout the house, maintaining their even distribution. They replace stale, moist air inside with fresh outdoor air. And, all of these devices have now taken a smarter route!

Smart Furniture

Yes, you read that right! Even the furniture in your house can be smart and give you the ultimate convenience and comfort. This is the latest trend in the world of smart home devices, even though the idea is not exactly new. Imagine the chair that Rachel Green in FRIENDS bought - only smarter!

From sofas with speakers to the mattress than can monitor and correspond to different body parts, from the baby-soothing crib that rocks the baby to the tea table that can talk to you - your smart home furniture pieces now come with brains of their own and change the look and feel of the home.


The smart home campaign is thriving at the moment, with exceptional changes expected in the next few years. Households have started taking big leaps along the path to becoming clever. But as you embrace new technology emerging every day, you must also remember to ensure that you have a stable internet connection with high security to ensure complete safety.

Author Bio: Betty Olsen is a content writer who specializes in home interior design, gardening, landscaping, and healthy living topics. She knows how to make a beautiful backyard without spending lots of money.