5 Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish and Safe

5 Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish and Safe

5 Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish and Safe

If you are planning some home renovation to improve the safety of your home, you might be wondering how to incorporate your personal tastes into your project. You’ll be glad to know that safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of style! If you’re looking for safe, stylish home improvement ideas, you might like to try the following:

Safety-proof your kids’ rooms

If you have children, you’ll know that they’re walking hazards and that it’s exceptionally important to keep their environment safe. Why not pick a theme such as their favourite movie or television character and modify their bedrooms based on their preferences? Ensure that any pictures or paintings are out of reach – sharp edges and glass can be a dangerous combination – and keep any toys that should only be used with supervision in a stylish trunk or container in the corner. You might also like to house clothing and other personal belongings in a safe cupboard out of reach, perhaps painted in bright colours. Even if you don’t allow yourself such liberties with the rest of your home, unleash your inner artist and have some colourful fun with a room or two!

Minimise your bathroom’s fall risks

Worried your bathroom is filled with slipping hazards? Try searching for a trendy mat that can serve as a stylish feature and also prevent any nasty slips. You could install a toilet lock if you have curious children who are prone to wandering into the bathroom unsupervised.

Create a new room with a shipping container

Shipping containers are as versatile as they are sturdy. If you need extra space, using a shipping container as an extra room will both help you save on construction costs and give you a way to escape from your main house from time to time. There are countless creative ways to design your new shipping container: you might like to create yourself a makeshift office, a kids’ playroom, an art studio, or a home gym. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose to house in your shipping container will be safe, as the containers are built for all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Add a few personal touches, and your container will soon serve as your own stylish, safe oasis!

Keep unsightly kitchenware out of sight

Appliances should be kept out of reach of children as well as pets, and even if you have neither, a tidy, organised kitchen can help you feel calm and make cooking feel a lot easier. Why not treat yourself to a stylish new set of cupboards to house your kitchenware? Additionally, every good chef should have a fire extinguisher at hand while cooking. Keep yours in a cupboard or an opaque case if you’re worried about it looking out of place.Earthquake proof your shelves

Even if you don’t live in an area prone to earthquakes, it’s important to consider all possibilities – you don’t want to take unnecessary risks with the safety of your family or favourite possessions. You don’t need to rebuild your whole home from scratch, but you might like to at least choose good quality, well-made shelves that can be strongly mounted to the walls and won’t fall in the event of a natural disaster. As a bonus, good quality wooden shelves will look much more stylish than their plastic counterparts!

Safety and style needn’t be mutually exclusive when planning home improvements. Choose a few changes with safety in mind, and you’ll soon be feeling secure – not to mention stylish – in your home!

Johanna Cider is a New Zealand-based writer with experience writing about travel, home and lifestyle. Home makeovers and home improvement shows are her guilty pleasures, from which she gets much of her design inspiration. You can find more of her work here.