4 Causes Of Common Accidents

4 Causes Of Common Accidents

4 Causes Of Common Accidents

Is it the matter of fate or the attitude which lead us to accidents? Of course, we pay for what we do. An accident is an unintentional, unpleasant, unplanned and an undesirable event that occur in our life. But this unplanned event happens because of our careless actions.

Today we would like to elaborate the common mistakes and 4 causes of common accidents. According to research most of the accident happen at workplace leading to 2.3 million death per year. More that 337 million accidents occur at job place every year. Why these accidents happen? Here are the 4 causes of common accidents:

1. Over confidence

Sometimes our over confidence takes us to the doorstep of injury. We think that this cannot be happen to us and ahead towards usage of wrong procedures, tools and improper ways. Our over confidence compels us to take short cuts. We think that these short cuts are basically our intelligence but in actual they are taking us to loss. A loss which can be an injury, an accident or any financial problem. Our over confidence also makes us to start any task without observing the complete instructions. We sideline the complete requirements of doing any task and start attempting it. These all things take us closer to the chances of an accident. Failure of planning To start a work without planning for strategy is a major drawback at workplace. We just focus on completing the task fastly neglecting the safety measures. We should plan for those strategies which lead our work to the completion in safe and an effective manner. Planning is the base of doing any task. Put that basic pillar in right direction and chances of accidents will be less.

2. Distractions

Our mental distractions at workplace can make us to ignore important safety measures. Mental stability at work place is an important component of competing a task without loss or an accident. Accidents sometimes are not physical. They can be non-physical such as a sudden loss financially, disapprovals of a contract etc.

3. Poor record keeping

Our carelessness and random attitude towards work lead to poor record keeping. Poor housekeeping or record keeping can take our safety measures and production and quality at stake. Poor record keeping are the reasons of all hazards at workplace. Poor record keeping question quality and safety at workplace. Clients and work professional would not like to work in an environment where there is no accuracy in housekeeping. Not only safety but also the pride of an organization gets compromised because of poor housekeeping.

4. Ignoring safety procedures

At workplace employers ignore the basic and required equipment’s for employs safety. One of these is not educating regarding usage of PPE (personal protective equipment). Even organizations lack in policies which define how to ensure safety and how to take procedures which protect from accident. Ignoring and not to talk about safety procedures is a major drawback which lead to accidents. Ensure safety trainings and educational workshops to avoid the happening of injuries and accidents at workplace.


Safety is the most important now a day's especially in workplace. Workplace wellness has a great impact on the productivity and performance of the employee. So the safety and wellness of employee is to be taken care of because it is beneficial for company and health of employee

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