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    7 Expert Tips to Secure Your Home Before Travel

    Now that the winter holidays are past us, everyone is looking forward to the summer season. It is the perfect time to travel with your family and friends and the weather is so nice and sunny. Summer is the official season for holidays, so most people book their trips in advance during summer months.

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    7 Tips For Better Home Security

    Your home is a safe-haven that allows you and your family to relax in comfort and feel protected. However, the lack of protection of your house may attract thieves and compromises the security that you should feel at home. Hence, ensuring the security of your home should be the topmost priority for every individual.

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    Make Your Laptop a Security Cam!

    A security camera system used to be considered a luxury. Nowadays, due to common break-ins and burglaries, a security camera has become mandatory. We will advise you on how to secure your home!

    The good news is that most laptops on the market come equipped with an inbuilt camera.

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    Best Security Solutions for Coworking Spaces

    More and more people are opting for freelance and choose remote positions. Flexibility is a key goal for Millennials and Generation Y. And once they get tired of staying home and working all alone, it's time to go out and join the community of like-minded people.

    That’s why coworking spaces became so popular around the world.

  • While the increasing penetration of the internet and cloud-computing has brought flexibility, speed, and scalability to almost all business sectors, it has also made us vulnerable to cyberattacks. The material handling and supply chain industry is no exception to this trend.

    While modern supply chains have become highly productive and can

  • If you’re a business owner then it’s vital for you to spend some time securing your workplace. After all, your office is one of your major assets, while your digital properties are likely business critical. Even when they’re not essential for your operations, they can store valuable business data that could cause big problems if it was compromised.

  • It is very common for burglars to enter through the first-floor window where they can vandalize property, steal belonging, or even threaten human life. Therefore homeowners must make sure that their windows are not the weak link in their home security system. On the contrary, windows can be used as another security layer to protect your property if you reinforce the right window security strategies.

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    How To Fix Cyber Defense: 5 Tips From Pros

    A business’ comprehensive cyber defense has a short lifespan.

    Meaning, the malware catalog in your security system requires consistent updating, the credentials and passwords used by your staff might be exposed over time, and your existing cybersecurity measures might not protect you against the more sophisticated threats.

  • Introduction

    If we compare an average workplace just 20 years ago and now, the difference in all aspects from equipment to daily employee routine would be overwhelming. Since the expansion of the internet, the world started to change at an ever-increasing pace,

  • As previous posts have alluded to, keeping your home secure is vital to protecting what's yours. The last time we covered this topic, we looked at six ways you can bolster your home's security for peace of mind. In this ultimate guide, we'll expand on that with five practical tips.

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