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  • Home WiFi Security System S03

    The Fortress S03 WiFi Alarm System offers some of the most advanced technology in the Fortress lineup. This panel can use either WiFi and an Internet connection, or a landline telephone connection to alert you of an alarm event. When used with the My Fortress app the system becomes a powerhouse of security and control features. With application control available on Android and Apple devices and optional Monitoring, this system takes security to a whole new level!

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  • DIY Home Security System S1 Stealth Security System

    The Fortress S1 WiFi system combines the persistence of your home WiFi network as well as the versatility of a GSM cellular connection to protect you home, office, RV, storage unit, and more. In the event of an alarm, the S1 is able to send a push notifications directly to your smartphone via the MyFortress app while also being able to call or text up to 6 phone numbers using the GSM SIM card. The S1 can send email notifications to you as well as communicate with your Amazon Alexa compatible device.

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  • Home Alarm 3G/4G WiFi Security System S6 Titan

    The Fortress S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Security System is the next generation in versatile home security. The system can connect over an existing WiFi, with a SIM card, and/or a land line phone connection. It can be self-monitored, or connected to central monitoring using Contact ID (CID). The system is easy to install and start using right away. The wireless accessories in the package are pre-programmed and working right out of the box! Download the free "My Fortress" mobile app for iOS / Android and get peace of mind on the go!

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Kits Starting at...
  • 3 year Hardware Warranty
  • Free support 7 Days / Week
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • GSM SIM Card
  • Land Line Connection
  • Self-Monitored Option
  • 24/7 Monitoring Option
  • Built-In-Siren
  • Free Mobile App iOS / Android
  • Maximum # Accessories
S03 Wifi Security System $79.99
  • 100+
S1 Stealth Security System $129.99
  • 100+
S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi System $199.99
  • 100+

Fortress Security Store offers a variety of sensor options. We can help to protect your home or business from burglars, fires (through detection of smoke), gas leaks, and water leaks. internal Antenna Sensor design allows for easy installation in a variety of circumstances. If you are looking for an inexpensive customizable system you've come to the right place.

Features At A GlanceFortress Security is a home security company that is trying to change the way consumers look at home security. We realize that the world can be a scary place but that doesn't mean you should have to pay a ton of money for some peace of mind.
  • Automated Calls
    Automated Calls
  • 3 Year Warranty
    3 Year Warranty
  • Portable
  • Online support
    Online support
  • Easy Installation
    Easy Installation
  • Wallet Friendly
    Wallet Friendly
  • Remote Access
    Remote Access
  • Customer reviews
    Customer reviews
Fortress Security Store Mobile Apps
Power At Your Fingertips

We offer free mobile apps (for iOS / Android) for most of our security systems. They allow you to control your system from anywhere. For our WiFi-enabled systems, these apps use your existing WiFi and Internet connection, with no SIM card required. For our GSM-enabled systems, the apps use text messages to send commands to the systems.

SIM Card System From Fortress

All GSM-compatible systems purchased after Summer 2016 will have a Fortress SIM card included.
If you don't have a SIM card from Fortress, you can purchase one here.

Starting at just $7.99 Per Month!
Do It Yourself InstallationOur system is very easy to install. You can Do It Yourself.

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