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    Fortress Security Store specializes in self-monitored security systems for homes and small businesses. With multiple product lines to choose from, there's something for everyone!

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  • S02 Security System

    The Fortress S02 system uses a Landline or VOIP connection to dial up to 6 numbers in the event of a triggered alarm. This system has support for up to 99 sensors split up amongst the 32 wireless zones. This system is straight forward and easy to set up and use. If you are looking for a security system without frills this is the system for you. The S02 panel can be remotely armed or disarmed by calling into the connected telephone service number.

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  • Vea 3G/4G GSM Security System

    The Vea 3G/4G GSM Security System utilizes a GSM SIM card to call and/or text you in the event of an alarm, with no land line phone required. The system also works with a free mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. The wireless accessories and sirens provide comprehensive protection for homes and small businesses.

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  • Ani Security System

    The Ani Alarm Systems are stylish, feature-rich wireless alarm systems that provide peace of mind while you're at home or away. It utilizes your existing WiFi connection and/or land line phone to notify you of events when you're away from home.

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  • Total Security System

    The 'Build A System' page allows you to start with just the main panel for your system, and add only the accessories you need, without worrying about anything you don't. Keep in mind that the main panel by itself does not detect intruders, so you'll want at least some accessories for sure. Take a look at everything we offer below.

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  • Total Security WiFi System

    The Fortress Total Security WiFi Alarm System offers the most advanced technology of any of the Fortress Line up. This panel can use either WiFi and an Internet connection, or a Cellular service connection, to alert you to an alarm event. When used with WiFi and/or a SIM card the panel becomes a powerhouse of security and control features. With application control available on Android and Apple devices and optional Monitoring, this system takes Security to a new level.

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Features At A GlanceFortress Security is a home security company that is trying to change the way consumers look at home security. We realize that the world can be a scary place but that doesn't mean you should have to pay a ton of money for some peace of mind.
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    Automated Calls
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    3 Year Warranty
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    Easy Installation
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    Customer reviews
Fortress Security Store Mobile Apps
Power At Your Fingertips

We offer free mobile apps (for iOS / Android) for most of our security systems. They allow you to control your system from anywhere. For our WiFi-enabled systems, these apps use your existing WiFi and Internet connection, with no SIM card required. For our GSM-enabled systems, the apps use text messages to send commands to the systems.

SIM Card System From Fortress

All GSM-compatible systems purchased after Summer 2016 will have a Fortress SIM card included.
If you don't have a SIM card from Fortress, you can purchase one here.

Starting at just $7.99 Per Month!
Do It Yourself InstallationOur system is very easy to install. You can Do It Yourself.
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